Peppe Merolla

Peppe Merolla

Nationality: Italy

World class drummer Peppe Merolla has been playing with internationally known jazz musicians such as Larry Schneider, Russell Ferrante, Vincent Herring,Frank Lacy (from the legendary band Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers),Eddie Henderson (from Herbie Hancock),Sid Simmons Mike Boone, Steve Davis, Jeremey Pelt, Mike Ledonne,Gerald Cannon,John Farnsworth and many others. He has several recording credits as a bandleader and as well as a sideman. Also, Mr. Merolla is the author of the instructional DVD For Serious Drummers Only Vol. 1, recommended by Joe Morello, Dave Black and Peter Donald. Mr. Merolla endorses Canopus Drums (Japan), Longo Drums (USA), and Factory Metal (USA). Please feel free to visit Mr. Merolla’s website to learn more about his career at www.peppemerolla.com.



Message to CANOPUS

think that every drummer, after achieving a certain technical level should have the possibility to develop and apply the acquired technique musically.
Personally, I have been always in the search of a drum set that allowed me to easily replicate the musical phrases I had in mind.
I must say, I have played many drum sets, but there was always something that was left to be desired.
Fortunately, I had the opportunity to play the Canopus drum set.
These new drum sets allowed me the opportunity to easily create tasteful musical phrases with the right sound.
Also, Canopus drum sets are great for playing all styles of music, including jazz, funk and fusion.
They are great for studio recordings because of their deep but delicate sound.