Mickey Drum

Nitinai Isvat

I’m Mick was born in Thailand, Since 1998. I started to work in music competitions in high school from 2014-2016. At the university level, I attended College of Music, Mahidol University. I had the opportunity to play Backup for many artists since I was still studying, such as Bell Supol, Numcha, p n v ., Serious Bacon, etc., and also has a drum recording job as well. Currently, I play Backup regularly for p n v. And Serious Bacon, and now have the opportunity to go back to being a Special Instuctor in Assumption College Samutprakarn.



Message to CANOPUS

-YAIBA II Groove Kit
I had the opportunity to hear the Canopus drums from the video. I had never heard the drum tones like this before. I was impressed since then. I have no hesitation in sendin g my resume to the company. And get excellent support. I'm glad my first drum set was Canopus. Its sound is the true texture of a drum set. It is the best among drum sets I have ever experienced. I'll take it wisely and bring it to my local drummer in love with Canopus.

- Hybrid Hi Hat Stand CHS-3HY
From the use of many shows It responds very well to my feet. Not too heavy, not too lonely The good thing is that it's very strong. It can be used for a long time.

- Hybrid Throne 2 CDT2-1HY
It is a drum chair with a soft cushion, but not too lumpy, comfortable to sit on, without pain in the buttocks. The adjuster is a two-sided lock so it doesn't rock when sitting. The base is strong and difficult to bend. Overall, it is a chair that I really like.

- Hybrid Snare Stand CSS-4HY
It's a very sturdy snare stand. The angle adjustment is easy and the placement side can be easily viewed. The bottom of the legs is made in a matte finish, giving it a beautiful and elegant look.


Products in use


Groove Kit
Indigo Matte Lacquer

The Maple Snare Drum

14 x 6.5
Black Olive Oil