Shake Stew, Memplex, Gnigler, Arktis/Air

Niki Dolp

Niki Dolp

NIKI DOLP was born in 1985 in Innsbruck, Austria.

After studying Jazz Drums in Linz and Leipzig he now lives in Vienna, Austria and catches public attention through different projects and as a freelance musician, composer and educator. Tours have brought him to almost all European countries as well as to Morocco, Mexico, Canada, USA and Japan.

DOLP currently tours worldwide as a member of the internationally celebrated Band Shake Stew. He is also working with critically acclaimed Bands Memplex, Gnigler, Arktis/Air and the Reform Art Unit. His presence in the Jazz Scene has led to collaborations with many Austrian and International musicians, producers and choreographers.

DOLP is teaching Drums and Ensembles at Musik Vermittlung 14 in Vienna, Austria.

http://www.nikidolp.com, http://www.memplex.at, http://www.shakestew.com

Selected Discography:

Shake Stew – Rise and Rise again (Traumton Records, 2018)

Gnigler – Straight on, Downstairs, 2nd Door left (col legno, 2018)

Memplex – Lawn of Love (Listen Closely, 2017)

Hans – Oamoi mit (Freifeld Tonträger, 2017)

Shake Stew – The Stage Band Recordings (Laub Records, 2017)

Reform Art Unit – Improcomposer Opera (RAU, 2017)

Shake Stew – The Golden Fang (Traumton Records, 2016)
(( -JAZZALBUM OF THE YEAR 2016 – Falter/Austria))

Martin Philadelphy Trio – Retrograde (Delphy Records, 2016)

Reform Art Unit – the pannonian Suite (RAU, 2015)

Sweet & Lovely – Heros (Listen Closely, 2014)

Arktis/Air – Austrian Heartbeats Vol.1 // Sampler (Col legno, 2014)

Reform Art Unit – Something about Vienna (RAU, 2014)

Gnigler – GNIGLER (Listen Closely, 2014)

Sonic Cosmetics – Zach Sampler (Zach Records, 2013)

Arktis/Air – en-trance (Wireglobe Recordings & Zach Records, 2013)

Hypnotic Zone – La Justice, Les Filles et L’Eternite (Listen Closely, 2012)

Memplex – Souvenir (Listen Closely, 2012)

Arktis/Air – Arktis/Air (Zach Records, 2011)






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