Nik Taccori

Nik Taccori

Born and raised in Milano (Italy), he started playing sax and clarinet at young age and started studying drums at 14 with the great italian master Sandro Lorenzetti. After getting a degree in Philosophy he decided to be a full-time musician. He had the opportunity to record and tour worldwide with international and italian artists and he keeps doing it. His most important collaborations include, to name a few, Sananda Maitreya (fka Terence Trent D’Arby), Alice, Cesare Picco, Giorgia, Jack Jaselli, Ludovico Einaudi, Malina Moye

Message to CANOPUS

When I first sat behind a Canopus drum kit I felt like being at home, it was an amazing revelation and caused me great excitement. Particularly I fell in love wit the Ash kit because of its beautiful tone and warm "old school" sound. I had the privilege to visit the Canopus factory and meet the great people who work there, I felt deep love, devotion and expertise about crafting drums: I'm honored to be in their family!