Mirek Pyschny

Mirek Pyschny

Nationality: U.S.A.

Mirek Pyschny was born in Kattowitz (Poland),he started playing the violin and the piano at the age of six and changed his main instrument into drums at the age of eleven. He studied at the Cologne Music University in Germany and graduated in 2005 with a diploma. Mirek has toured all over the world with a lot of various bands including: … East Affair; Schäl Sick Brass Band; Paul Reddick (award – winning Canadian blues singer, songwriter and harmonica player); Julian and Roman Wasserfuhr; Gerd Dudek; Nicolas Simion; Arve Hendrikson; Terrence N´gassa; Carlos De Junco…. and has performed at many different Festivals and venues in: …Rabat (Morocco); Cairo, Alexandria (Egypt); Novi Sad (Serbia); Kyoto, Osaka, Tokyo, Seoul (Goethe Tour Japan-South Korea); Rock for People Festival (Prague); div. (New York); Leverkusener Jazztage; Jazz festival Viersen; International Arts Festival Taipei(Taiwan); Afro- Pop Festival( Berlin) ; Costa Rica, Guatemala, Panama,El Salvador (South America Tour); Ost club(Vienna/Austria); Philharmonie Köln; WDR Funkhaus, Malmö Theatre (Sweden); Culture House (Skalica/Slovakia); Gc Nekkersdal (Brussels); Le Soubock (Cauville France)and many more…

Message to CANOPUS

I love to play Canopus instruments, the drums, the quality and the sound = THE REAL THING!! I´m so happy to play these instruments on every gig... THANK

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