George Colligan, Moorea Masa, Sama Dams

Micah Hummel

Micah Hummel is a sought-after drummer, composer, and music educator based out of Portland, Oregon. After relocating from the Sonoran Desert in 2013, Micah has already established himself as an essential part of the creative music scene in the Pacific Northwest. His versatile and balanced sound has led him to be a go-to collaborator for Portland artists such as George Colligan, Louis Pain, Moorea Masa, Tony Starlight, and Coco Columbia. While in school Micah was awarded the Jeannine B. Cowles endowed scholarship and the Bradford Merserau Jr. endowed scholarship at Portland State University. Honing his craft throughout the last decade, Micah is known for his specialty in cross-genre sounds and contemporary jazz. Micah has performed around the globe in cities such as Toronto, Beijing, Amsterdam, Berlin, and Vienna. Micah always enjoys getting to share music with people and the opportunity to connect with other cultures through his instrument.




Products in use

NV60-M1 Snare Drum

"I love this snare drum. The baseball bat bearing edges give it a great vintage sound. The die cast hoops give it a nice crack. It sounds like the snare drums from some of my favorite classic recordings."


14x18 BD, 8x12 Tom, 13x14 Floor Tom
"When I unboxed this drum set I felt closer to my sound than ever before. The craftsmanship is incredible and my bitter brown oil finish is stunning."