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Educator / Author / Clinician / Session / Mussorgsky College of Music

Max Klots

Max Klots

Known as one of the most respected and sought after drum educators in Russia, Max Klots is an authoritative jazz/fusion drummer, busy session player, and the author of a series of internationally acknowledged instructional products. Max is also an active clinician for Canopus accessories, as well as Yamaha, Zildjian, Vic Firth, Remo, LP (Latin Percussion), Klotz and Sennheiser.

“Sophisticated wire allowing for crisper articulation, deeper body, and that heavenly silvery sizzle!”








Products in use

Vintage Snare Wire

"Vintage Snare Wire adds crispness, sensitivity, articulation and depth to your snare sound. Truly, a sophisticated wire for knowledgeable players!"

Speed Master Bearing

"When I first tried Canopus Speed Star ball bearing with my Yamaha Flying Dragon, I was really impressed! I mean, if you feel an instant improvement in the instrument you've been happily using for the last 15 years, isn't it something?! "

Bolt Tight

"Bolt Tight washers keep drums in tune and add that velvety tone to the sound."