Martin Parrilla

Martin Parrilla

Nationality: Argentina

Martin was born in Buenos Aires in 1981, from an early age as a musician began in the first audio stage piano and perceptive study, later ventured into the world of drums, study twolargest conservatories Argentina, School music of Buenos Aires, Argentine Musicians’Union, in 2005 took the first class, Elias chiche Heger, one of the most recognized teachers not only in Argentina if not in Spain, Israel, etc. , Moeller Technique teacher, with ongoing study and already completed the upper level., on the other hand, speaking style, started playing Hard Rock, to tour the country, for later work as a session of solo artists, the today is dedicated to the study of Jazz and the study of the instrument and specializes in playingwith brushes gives lessons to more than 35 students, and works with PLAY, a group of teachers who do clinics in the country, with an endorsement, as zildjian, and pro marck. more…



Message to CANOPUS

I am proud, represent the brand in South America, CANOPUS, I found an incredible INSTRUMENT nuanced with unmatched quality, the drums are wonderful and worthy ofcollection, I'm sure will CANOPUS leading brand and I will be with elllos of at life and accompany me on my tours and clnics.