Marlon Patton

Born and raised in Georgia, Marlon Patton is a New York and Atlanta-based drummer and music producer/engineer. Hailing from a long line of drummers dating back to his grandfather, Phil Patton who played in the Chicago big band circuit, Marlon keeps his schedule interesting and packed full of all types of music.  He is the first call for so many musicians not just because of his impeccable time, but because of the incredible musicality of what he delivers. He plays within a huge dynamic range, making him the perfect match for quiet piano jazz performances to hard- hitting rock gigs. He can play with everything from precision to reckless abandon and make it truly his own. He currently is a member of Kenosha Kid, Weisshund, Thayer Sarrano, Nelson Patton and Lonnie Holley.

In the studio, Marlon has carved a name for himself playing, recording, mixing, and producing. Some recent projects he’s worked on are Lonnie Holley’s MITH, Jim White’s Misfit’s Jubilee, Leah Calvert’s Satellite, Daniel Clay’s 10,000 Things, Kenosha Kid’s Missing Pieces, Nelson Patton’s Last Year’s Sunlight and contributed to the soundtrack of Lonnie Holley’s Sundance Film Festival official selection I Snuck Off the Slave Ship.



Message to CANOPUS

Product (Snare Drum) : The Maple
Incredible drum. I’ve used this thing on tons of sessions and it does exactly what I want. Tunes high without sounding thin on a recording. Tunes low and fat if needed. I always have this one with me in the studio.


Product (Drum Kit): NV60-M1
I play a wide variety of music and these are perfect for me. Higher jazz tuning is basically the sound I hear in my head when I think of what jazz drums should sound like. The 18” is just right. I also have a 20” that is so punchy, it sounds like it’s miced through a sound system. Tune the toms down a bit and it’s an incredible jazz hybrid sound. Very wide range


Products in use

Neo Vintage NV60-M1