Legionario / Electrocuerpo / Dulces Rufianes

Leandro Segovia

Leandro Segovia

Leandro Segovia

Leandro R. Segovia was born in Parana, Argentina in 1985. He began his music career when he was a teenager; he studied at Music, Dance and Drama College «Profesor Constancio Carminio» (Universidad Autonoma de Entre Rios ) in Paraná, Argentina; and later, at “Instituto Superior de Música” (Universidad del Litoral) in Santa Fe, Argentina. Nowadays, he regularly attends improvisation and drumdoctor classes. Leandro has delivered drum lessons for more than ten years now in his own teaching studio. He is a studio session drummer and a drummer on live shows, he has had many live performances and he has recorded several albums. He is well known as a rock and heavy metal drummer, nevertheless he has played many musical styles all along his career. Nowadays, he is the drummer in “Legionario” (heavy metal), “Electrocuerpo” (alternative rock),and “Dulces Rufianes” (rockabilly) where he is also the musical producer. He is also the drummer and music instructor at the local Air Force Marching Band.




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