The Ken Serio trio, The Jazz Warriors,The Salt Pond Poets, Ken Serio solo

Ken Serio

Drummer Ken Serio is a New York Based session drummer and has several releases under his name
Among the musicians Ken has recorded and performed with are Mike Stern, Ali Ryerson,Vic Juris, Mark Egan,Brian Charette,Tomoko Ohno, Achilleas Diamantis, Joey Ramone,Popa Chubby,and many more.



Message to CANOPUS

Product (Snare Drum) : Zelkova
great tone and attack
unique sound
beautiful drum
a pleasure to play


Product (Drum Kit): RFM and Birch
Both kits are so easy to tune and are so musical.
right out of the box these drums sounded great


Products in use


Red Sparkle Wrap
20 x 16 BD
10 x 8 TT
12 x 8.5 TT
14 x 13 FT


Ginger Glitter Wrap
18 x 14 BD
12 x 8 TT
14 x 13 FT