Phil Engel Country

Ken “K Bo” Biedzynski

Miami native and long time Canopus endorser Ken “K Bo” Biedzynski is a working performer on the “Jersey Shore” (New Jersey, USA). He has performed and/or recorded with various New Jersey acts including The Phil Engel Band, Phil Engel Country, Decade (a tribute to Neil Young) and, Nightmare (a tribute to Alice Cooper). In addition to playing drums K Bo—who also holds a law degree—is an accomplished author, music journalist, and lyricist. K Bo is also endorsed by D’Addario/Evans Drum Heads/Promark Sticks.          When performing K Bo uses either the Canopus Birch model kit or the Canopus RFM model kit.



Products in use


R.F.M. 24" bass drum, 10" tom, 12" tom, 13" tom, and, 15" floor tom, 14" X 6" Snare Drum

"The RFM kit is tough to beat," says K Bo. "The quality and workmanship is clearly top shelf and the sound capabilities are vast," he continued. K Bo also talked about the aesthetics of his RFM kit: "I have to say that it is rare that someone does not comment on the appearance of my kit and that is a direct reflection on the product that Canopus produces. Knowing the folks at Canopus and seeing them in action, they remind me of a pit crew in racing. They each swiftly and efficiently address a certain element of the drum kit and as a team they are relentless. I don't think the quality of Canopus drums is debatable at all and I know I am not the only one who thinks that."