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John Poblick

Largely independent drummer for session and touring, John is currently full time in Honey Sukle Moonshine and Sorrow’s Native Sons when local to the Los Angeles area.

John started playing drums in the mid 80s and quickly was playing in Hardcore bands. His major influences aside from the usual suspects, Copeland and Bonham, are Mike Russell (Shudder to Think), Glenn Graham (Blind Melon), Felix Griffin (DRl),:and many others. Currently he is a full time drummer with HoneySukle Moonshine, a gritty Southern California rock band. In addition to that, Sorrow’s Native Sons, a Smiths tribute band. Recently he added the band Electric Gremlin, a Hip Hop/Ska/Soul band based out of San Pedro California. He is constantly subbing for live gigs and touring when not doing session work in the Los Angeles area. He has worked with Grammy Award winning producers including Jeff Weber. Endorsements include Paiste Cymbals, Yamaha Drums, Canopus Snare Wires and accessories, Danmar Percussion, London Drumstick Co. and Beato Bags.