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Jerry Pollock

Jerry Pollock

Jerry Pollock started drum instruction when he was 12 and began his career as a professional musician at the age of 15. He has played all styles of music with symphonic orchestras, jazz bands and ensembles, and theater pit bands. While in high school, Jerry played with other students in a jazz quartet modeled after the Dave Brubeck Quartet. He has also been strongly influenced by the Big Band legacy in part due to his four years of experience with the Illinois State University Jazz Ensemble led by Jim Boitos.

Upon graduation, Jerry returned to Chicago and began teaching drums and auditioned for the Leslie Maclean Trio. Once hired, he also took on the business manager role and booked engagements throughout the Chicago metro area at Collete’s, Redford’s, Orphans, The Bulls, The Back Room, and many others.

Today, Jerry continues to perform with Leslie Maclean Trio at jazz clubs including Dazzle in Denver, The Blue Room, Green Lady Lounge, Black Dolphin, 424 Lounge and others in Kansas City. He also continues to teach drums to aspiring students.

Jerry is an exceptionally musical drummer, adding invaluable imaginative touches to any music he performs. His deft brushwork is reminiscent of Joe Morello and is a frequent feature of Trio arrangements. Jerry often takes a tuneful approach to his improvisation, combining the timbre of the drums with the rhythm in such a way as to suggest the melody line.

He studied with Chicago drummers Gary Hicks, Bob Tilles, Staff drummer for CBS Chicago and Percussion Department Head at De Paul University, Chicago jazz legend Marshall Thompson, who recorded and performed with many artists including Stan Getz, Oscar Peterson, Chet Baker, Jack McDuff, Eddie Higgins, Gene Shaw, James Moody, Eddie Harris, Woody Herman & Wayne Shorter.

In 2006, Jerry became an artist endorser for the Bosphorus Cymbal Co. and served as the Marketing Director for the Kansas City Jazz Ambassadors. In 2018, he became an artist endorser for Canopus Drums.

Jerry continues to serve as the Business Manager for the Leslie Maclean Trio and holds an MBA from the University of Chicago.

Reviews from “That’s Time Enough”, KippieJosh Jazz.

“…Pollock’s skill on the kit and other percussion instruments is a highlight of the CD. Whether delivering strong chops in solos or adding the appropriate sound in just the right place with a percussion instrument, Pollock provides sensitive support for all of Maclean’s arrangements”. Charles Vecoli, JazzReview.com®. All Rights Reserved.

“…Drummer Jerry Pollock, Maclean’s husband, provides textural variety and approaches each interpretation with the ear of a subtle designer. His “in the pocket” drive on “Poinciana” helps to make the trio’s presentation of a familiar melody unique.” Jim Santella, Cadence



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