The Dip

Jarred Katz

Jarred Katz (b. 1989) is a versatile drummer/percussionist based in Tacoma, Washington who innovates across diverse musical genres. He has garnered acclaim as a founding member of the popular Seattle soul ensemble The Dip (Dualtone Records), and for his imaginative solo compositions that intertwine electronic samples, bombastic percussion, and free improvisation.

A native of Spokane, Jarred moved to Seattle to attend the University of Washington and graduated with a degree in Jazz Studies in 2013. Under the tutelage of jazz trumpeter Cuong Vu, Jarred developed an honest and explorative approach to the drum kit while becoming a prominent voice in Seattle’s creative music scene. Later, Jarred brought his sound to new audiences while touring and recording with the electronic/pop quartet Beat Connection (ANTI-Records).

Well recognized for his sensitive, yet steady in-the-pocket feel, Jarred creates with unrivaled enthusiasm and never misses a stroke!




Products in use

Neo Vintage NV60-M2

20 x 14 BD
13 x 9 TT
16 x 16 FT
Blue Sparkle Wrap

NV60-M5 Snare Drum

14 x 5
Black Onyx Wrap