Ilios Steryannis

Ilios Steryannis

Ilios Steryannis is a drummer, composer and educator in Toronto, ON. He leads his own jazz quartet and works extensively as a sideman with a wide array of musicians. He recently released his debut full length album “Bethany Project”. It has received rave reviews and extensive airplay worldwide.

“…Drummer Ilios Steryannis keeps a firm grip on multiple styles and shows an ear not only for conducting the group’s dynamics from the kit but for pulling choice sounds from the drums.” Robin Tolleson, Modern Drummer

magazine, June 2018

“With superb arrangements, consistently catchy tunes and the highest level of musicianship and ensemble virtuosity—the sum of the

parts creating uplifting atmospheric—Steryannis and his mid-sized groupings have created a marvelously engaging world music/good time sound.” ****
Bethany Project CD review by Dan McClenaghan,, November 11th 2017.

“This is certainly an album worthy of repeated listening as it reveals new musical pleasures every time.” ****
Bethany Project CD review by Alan Musson,, March 24th, 2018.

“…Mr. Steryannis’ music is a complex meditation on the interaction between visceral humanity and musical reality, described in eleven wonderful songs with ample breathing space for the voice of each musician to shine, and meld in with the rest of members of this wonderful and truly global ensemble.”

Bethany Project CD review by Raul da Gama,, March 30th, 2018.

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