Herb “HD” Warren

I am a professional working “Journeyman” drummer/percussionist and clinician with many years of drumming experiences from one end of the spectrum to the other, and in many parts of the world. While I continue to perform, I now enjoy sharing my knowledge with fellow drummers throughout the world. I do not teach rudiments, technique or reading. There are already many who excel in conveying the best ways to approach these vital essentials for professional drummers.
I feel that I know and understand drum and percussion instruments better than most, and that’s what I prefer to talk about……”our tools”. The instruments drummers use in conjunction with their brain power to create beautiful and interesting rhythms and sounds that can enhance and hold musical groups together.

My life in music can be found on my web site:
and as part of my many equipment videos found on YouTube and other social media sites.
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Message to CANOPUS

Product (Snare Drum) : Ash
This is a wonderful, all around, snare drum. I like my snare drums "high and dry". As such, I prefer very dry heads which I tune either in the upper mid range or the high range. This drum is perfect in those ranges. It works beautifully with brushes when accompanying a jazz vocalist and, by using some more "power" and bringing it down just slightly below mid range, I can use it to drive an R&B/band with a full horn section.
Product (Drum Kit): RFM
While I already also have a Bop set of Yaiba drums which come in very handy for quick casual dates, my current choice is the RFM.
In the 'NATURAL FINISH", this is a very classy, yet understated, drum set. Each of the drums in this versatile set gives me exactly what I am looking for. I want a well rounded, smooth, "sort of" vintage sound. The drums should respond with punch bunt not to overpower any of the other instruments being played. I expect my drum setup to be responsive each and every time without my having to over exert myself by having to pound on the heads to get a smooth, integrated, response. That's what I get from the RFM. Might I mention, I am a relatively new member of the Canopus family of fine drummers, so I have not had as many opportunities to express my diverse musical abilities with these drums. Up to this point, and based on the configuration, I have not had to drive a group of players of more than 7, including myself. I am looking forward to trying the RFM set with a 22" ride, 17" and 18" crashes, 10" splash and a set of 15" hi hats to see just how far I can push it.
For now, I am waiting to see how the ASH set performs with a larger group of musicians, especially with the bass drum and toms miked up.


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18 x 14 BD
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Blackish Ash Oil
18 x 14 BD
12 x 8 TT
14 x 13 FT

Ash Snare Drum

Natural Grain Ash Oil
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Ash Snare Drum

Blackish Ash Oil
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