Gildas Etevenard

Gildas Etevenard

Gildas Etevenard is a drummer and composer.
He regularly performs solo, and collaborates with artists such as Akosh.S, Bertrand Belin, Joseph Nadj, Gilles Coronado, Nevché, Hakim Hammadouche….
He performs mainly in concert, but also works for theater, dance and cinema.
He currently teaches at the Conservatoire du Grand Avignon.





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"I have now played my Yaiba kit for a several times, and have to say that I'm very very happy to play it !!
I have been used to only on vintage drum kits (a 70's U.S.A Gretsch Rosewood jazz kit, then an old Asba jazz kit), so I was wondering how will happen the meeting with this brand new kit !

First of all, the drum kit is beautiful, and that's nice !!! Very good work !

Immediatly, at the very beginning of the tuning I felt that I would play easily on this kit. It's really singing !!
It's a real nice kit to play in a melodic way !
And after a little time on the tuning, it's very easy to get a real melodic coherence between the 3 shells (18",14",12").
The 5,5 maple snare drum is also very easy to tune and play, and sounds in a good coherence with the other lugs.

I tried also some different tunings, like for example a very low tuning on bass drum with a very long sustain, and that keeps a nice low frequency despite the fact that the bass drum is small
Of course, if you want a pop/rock kit, choose another size !!

In conclusion, I totally recommend this Yaiba Bop kit to jazz drummers and improvisers who like to play on singing drums !
Thank you Canopus, I'm very glad to be part of !!"