Étienne Dionne

Étienne Dionne

Nationality: Canada

Étienne Dionne has been the lead singer and drummer of the punk rock act MUTE for more than 10 years now. With over 500 hundred shows in 15 countrie (including tours with Rise Against, Good Riddance, No Use For A Name, Big Wig, shows with Bad Religion and many more…), more appearances on national tv that you can count, Étienne amazes people all over the world by pounding his drums at a super fast pace while throwing powerfull vocals at the same time. Be sure to keep an eye on one of the fastest growing drummer in the punk rock scene.

Message to CANOPUS

The R.F.M. series has everything a rock drummer could wish for : punchy sound with beautiful sustain. Their reinforcement technology brings the maple kit to a brand new level. Great ideas, prime materials and attention to details makes it the perfect companion for the studio or extensive touring.

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SD : 13"x7.5"
BD : 22" R.F.M kit
TT : 12"
FT : 16"