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Colin James Gordon

Colin James Gordon is from Suisun City, California. He studied ethnomusicology and jazz studies at University of California Los Angeles under the luminaries Kenny Burrell, James Newton, and Clayton Cameron.

He has continuously toured for 10 years, the journey has taken him around the world many times.

He is also a music producer, releasing exclusives under Universal Music and Apple Music.

Above all, Colin is a musician interested in how music has developed culture: where we’ve come from, and where we’re headed.

Also drumming is pretty fun.







Message to CANOPUS

Product (Snare Drum) : The Maple
Can be tuned down for thick funk and can be tuned up for crispy chops.
Either way it's beautifully resonant.
Not to mention the cross stick will rattle the heavens!

Product (Drum Kit): Ash
I got the big boys (22x18 BD, 13x9 TT, 16x15 FT).
So much tone, so much warmth! These drums are extremely versatile. You can switch styles with ease and maintain a level of authenticity, no matter what the situation calls for.
Let's not forget that they are also jaw-droppingly beautiful.

Products in use


22 x 18 BD
13 x 9 TT
16 x 15 FT