Bob Delich

Chicago native and longtime Canopus endorser, Bob Delich, began his career at age 15 while studying with Tony LaFrano (house drummer at the Palmer House (Chicago). Subsequently, Delich went on to study with Fred Silvers, Tony Caselli, Bob Tilles (chief percussionist, DePaul University), Phil Stenger, Vernel Fournier (Ahmad Jamal Trio) and, the iconic Roy Knapp. Knapp taught hundreds of now famous drummers some of which include Hal Blaine, Louie Bellson, Denny Seiwell (Wings), and most notably, the legendary Gene Krupa.

After completing extensive studying and lessons, Delich began a very busy career as a performer, which included stints with big band, blues, rock, jazz, Latin, and even polka bands. In fact, Delich performed with such marque names as Chuck Berry, The Platters, Eddy Clearwater, John Klemer and Bob Wilber, Herb Ellis, Kirby Stone Four, Johnny “Scat” Davis, Harvey Mandel, Terry Gibbs, Jack Sheldon, Tommy Sands, Johnny Ray, Debbie Campbell, Johnny Rodriquez and even comedian Don Rickles, to name a few. Currently, Delich remains active as a freelance performer.

Gigging in the Vegas, Reno, and Lake Tahoe Circuit, Delich worked on the same billing with some of the most renowned artists in the entertainment field. It was while living in Chicago Delich met Bobby Whiteside, president of the Trendsetters Corporation. As a result, Delich played on many of Whiteside’s compositions and soundtrack productions for local and national television and radio commercials some of which include (Nestle Chocolate, Gibson Guitar, Raid, and, Montgomery Ward). Delich also performed with many Wagner Productions’ up-and-coming recording artists. Delich performed worldwide which includes gigs in Japan, the Bahamas Islands, the Philippine islands, Thailand, Okinawa, Hawaii, Taiwan, Hong Kong, as well as throughout the United States.

In addition to performing, Delich is also an accomplished author and he has written works which include 36 Modern Etudes for Snare Drum, Contrapuntal Rhythms for Jazz And Rock and, The Duality of Percussion. Delich is also a graduate of Bethany Divinity College and Seminary (Summa Cum Laude) and he has a Doctorate in Religious Studies. Delich is also an accomplished triathlete and he remains so today.