Nationality: U.S.A.

BEATdown, at the ripe age of 15, started playing the legendary club scene of New York City with countless legendary and prominent musicians. The self-taught musician used that time in the NYC club scene to gain a greater understanding of his craft, music in general and most of all people.
That experienced taught him the importance of the ”FEEL” of the music and how feel translated to the listener. It was that time that helped him to realize that playing a song for someone was simply not enough and that he wanted serve as a tool used in helping people experience the music.
BEATdown is not only an accomplished musician, but he is also an aspiring producer.
BEATdown has worked with the likes of Paroahe Monch, FORT MINOR, John Legend, The Spooks, Soul IV Real, Al. B Sure and The Poor Righteous Teachers.

BEATdown is definitely helping to re-establish live instrumentation into the world of Hip Hop.
BEATdown is a rising new star on the scene that is definitely blazing trails with his feel and fresh outlook and approach on music. His ultimate goal is to stay innovative providing fellow artists, fellow musicians and the audience with fresh, funky, new musical terrain to embark upon.

Message to CANOPUS

From the fatness and body of the Kick drums to the warmth and tone of the toms to the sizzling CRACK and clarity of the snare drums.
CANOPUS drums are versatile and very wonderfully made.
They Definantly stand up to a BEATdown! CANOPUS drums define my sound!

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