Barry Eldridge

The deep pocket grooves of drummer Barry Eldridge can be heard across an array of musical styles. His diverse skills cover wide territory: from improvisational jazz-rock to world beat fusion; dance-pop and EDM to ambient sound meditation and trance; from singer-songwriter to folk-grass Americana and beyond, Barry’s ability to support the music and bring inspired playing to the stage has led to performances throughout North America at hundreds of festivals and venues.

In 2020, Barry relocated from Northern California to Denver, CO where he soon found himself in the mix of the local jazz scene as well the internationally popular corporate event scene of the Rocky Mountains. His current projects include jazz-fusion group Superimposition, new world-beat collective The Singularity, and various work as a sideman.

Prior to landing in Colorado, Barry worked nationally with the eclectic Joe Craven (Jerry Garcia, David Grisman) as well as with virtuoso fingerstyle guitarist and Candyrat artist, Adrian Bellue. He continues to travel back to the Golden State periodically for shows.

Having performed across the country with dozens of artists and bands, there is always something eclectic brewing in Barry’s creative cauldron. Keep tabs on his calendar to catch his next performance!





Message to CANOPUS

Product (Snare Drum) :
The ROF snare is incredible. Sensitivity, crack, fatness, articulation...it's all there!

Product (Drum Kit): RFM
I use many series of Canopus Drums - RFM, Birch, NV60...and more down the road I'm sure :) The build quality is unsurpassed and the details well thought out. Superb!


Products in use


Solid Black Gloss Lacquer
20 x 14 BD (custom size)
18 x 14 BD
16 x 12 BD (custom size)
10 x 7 TT
12 x 8 TT
13 x 12 FT
14 x 13 FT

Neo Vintage NV60-M1

Psychedelic Red Wrap
16 x 12 BD (custom size)


Citrus Mod Wrap
12 x 5 TT (custom size, single headed)


Gold Sparkle Wrap
12 x 5 TT (custom size, single headed)


Original Wrap
13 x 12 FT (custom size)


Red Satin Wrap
14 x 6 TT (custom size, single headed)

The Maple Snare Drum

Gold Sparkle Wrap
10 x 6 with tom bracket

Birch Snare Drum

Original Wrap
13 x 5.5 (custom size, with CIM-20)

NV60-M2 Snare Drum

Vintage Pearl Wrap
14 x 4 (custom size, with CIM-20)

Bro’s Kit

Platinum Ruby Wrap