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Anthony Michelli

Anthony Michelli

Anthony Michelli – Musician – Short Performance Biography – 2021

Anthony Michelli, the Canadian born and internationally respected professional has fostered a creative and successful career in the music industry as an accomplished drum set performer, post-secondary educator and sound recording engineer and producer.

Through personal motivation, curiosity and dedication alongside his ever-persistent quest for knowledge, Anthony has been able to remain relevant, current and active for over three decades as an esteemed professional.

Appreciative to be a member of various diverse projects featuring an extensive list of celebrated award winning distinguished composers and performers, Anthony is able to actualize his unique approach performing in several varied styles of music equally with respect and dedication to the art of creating Music.

In addition, Anthony has recorded, toured and collaborated with several artists in the contemporary jazz, original composition, world, popular and creative music genres spanning from 1995 to the present day with well over one hundred recordings listed in his discography, touring world-wide supporting them.

As the proprietor of Salem House Studio he is involved in producing, tracking, mixing, editing and mastering full recording projects in addition to drum and percussion tacking for other artists. Over the years he periodically leads his own group performing his own compositions.

Anthony accredits any accolades under his name to the groundwork established by his mentors and elders that opened pathways. Inspired to keep a continuum, Anthony has made it a personal goal to remain true and creative in efforts to forge paths for young and aspiring musicians finding their place in the industry.

Please visit www.anthonymichelli.com for further information.

Anthony Michelli – Quotes

“Anthony Michelli, a drummer who plays with great sensitivity and an ability to listen with incredible patience. Mr. Michelli eschews flash and unnecessary virtuosity, playing instead well within himself.”
– Raul Da Gama, Latin Jazz Network

“Anthony Michelli elevates ‘In the pocket’ to another dimension”
– Brent Black, Jazz Times

“Michelli has a beautiful touch, consistently sympathetic…”
– SP, Drummer UK Magazine

“His soundscape sense is quite sensational…Hands become brushes, brushes become beaters, beater become sticks, the dynamic rolls on. It’s all there for Michelli…”
– Ian Croft, Drummer UK Magazine

”I remember fondly the infectious sparkle of his playing. Michelli was clearly cutting trails in the modern jazz vein.”
– T.Bruce Wittet, Drums ETC Magazine

“ …a surprisingly dense virtuosic drum part by Michelli which builds excitement until the final gentle chord. Cymbal washes and broken-chord-flavoured lines evoke programmatic sonic images…”
– Tiina Kiik, TheWholeNote Magazine

“The tunes are fresh… I dig the drums, too…it’s “like a Shelly Manne record for the Millennium or something” was my first thought. Shelly is popular around my house …congratulations, and Bravo!”
– Peter Erskine, Legendary drummer

“…serentity is not compromised by Michelli’s controlled turbulence, which underlines the passion without fracturing the overall emotion and grittier performances…It is an interesting resolution of desperate sources emphasising drummer Michelli’s very sharp and accurate ear… ”
– Chris Sheridan, Jazz Review Magazine

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