Solo, Don the Tiger, G.A.M.S., Gordan, international touring artist / drummer

Andi Stecher

Andi Stecher is an austrian born and berlin based drummer, percussionist and composer.

Andi Stechers music is not drawn to one specific genre. He refers to a variety of styles of music in his pieces and therefore forms a very unique hybrid sound.

In addition to his solo works, he performs with a wide range of bands / projects and composes for a variety of media. His most recent collaborations and projects include:

Carla Bozulich, ( Constellation ), Don the Tiger ( Crammed Discs ), G.A.M.S. ( Karlrecords), GORDAN, Orchestre Les Mangelepa ( Strut Records ), Lydia Ainsworth ( Arbutus rec. ), Doudou N’Diaye Rose ( Deggi Daaj 2014 ), Ndagga Rhythm Force (Hardwax ) , /F ( psalmus diuersae ), Marcela Ruiz Quintero, Andrea Belfi ( Miashma / Die Schachtel ), Eliad Wagner ( c.sides / Metropolis records ), Mary Orcher & Your Government ( Klangbad Rec. ), Colin Hacklander, The Norman Conquest ( MonotypeRec. / Intakt ), DuChamp ( Boring Machines / Idiosyncratics label ), MuseRuole Festival, TRILOBIT ( Virtaranta / Horvath ), Bassano Bonelli Bassano ( V_ _ _ _A* ),
Roman Catholics ( Full body massage records )






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Product (Snare Drum) : Ash
Wonderful and delicate sounding snare, perfect for all genres. A delight to play!
Product (Drum Kit): Ash
Canopus Ash drumset gives me all the tonal flexibility I need for my diverse musical projects,
it's a very sensitive and exquisite sounding kit with a delicate yet powerful response from these wonderful ash shells.
A perfect kit for all situations.


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22x18 Bass Drum
12x8 Tom
16x15 Floor Tom