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Anderson Quintero

Anderson Quintero

Anderson Quintero began his musical career at the age of seven, when he joined Salserin, the only children salsa orchestra in the world. Throughout his journey in this group, the young Quintero demonstrated the talent inherited from his father and the rest of his paternal family, who have been recognized as the greatest percussionists in Venezuela.
This experience led him to visit about 20 countries, and record 5 musical productions . His talent on the drums eventually led him to join several rock bands in Caracas, Venezuela.
During 2004 and 2005, Quintero was part of the band that accompanied Venezuelan singer/songwriter/Grammy Award Winner ‪Franco de Vita‬ on his tour “Mil y una Historias”, visiting more than 10 countries and 2 Grammy nominations in 2006. That same year Quintero met up with two ex-band members of Salserin, Servando and Florentino, and joined their band playing drums and the timbales.
In mid-2006, Quintero moved to New York City, where he began to gain international recognition. Since then, he has performed with Ricky Martin, Emmanuel, Coast City, Miami Symphony , Yuri, Leslie Grace, ChYno Miranda, Yandel, Jerry Rivera, Obie Bermudez, Louie Vega, ‪Don Omar‬, Servando Y Florentino, Chino Y Nacho, Luisito Quintero Percussion Madness, ‪Paloma San Basilio‬, Huascar Barradas , Aditus, Vanessa May, Kevin Jones, Tenth worlds, Sheila Charles (‪Ray Charles‬’ daughter), Emilly King, Taxi Amarillo, and Willie Colon’, with whom he has toured all around the world.
Anderson worked on a musical about the life of the “Guarachera de América” ‪Celia Cruz‬, in an Off-Broadway show.
In 2011 Anderson also won a Grammy for Chino y Nacho’s album “mi nina bonita” and was nominated in 2017 and 2018 with Luisito Quintero “3rd Element” and Raul Agraz “Between Brothers. Anderson Currently finds himself in Miami, where he continues playing and recording for artist from different genres of music such as : Lucy Khanyan
‪Harout Pamboukjian,Danny Rey ,Siroto, Ricardo Bacelar, Jessy & Joy, Leslie Grace & Maluma (Aire), Dances of Peru, Do you speak Djembe ( playing in the Ted Talk conference), Nestor Torres. He recently played with the Mexican superstar Yuri on the recording of her new DVD named “En Primera Fila ” and in 2016 he joined the rock band Philm recording the album “Seventh Sun” . Due to his versatility he was chosen to be in the cover of the prestigious “Drum Club Magazine “ and he is currently working with Sabian Cymbals as one of the faces representing the new AAX line.‬