The Maple Snare Drum

M-1060 / M-1265 / M-1365 / M-1440 / M-1455 / M-1465

CANOPUS Standard Model



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M-1465 14"x6.5" Oil BUY NOW
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M-1060 10"x6" Oil BUY NOW
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Diecast Hoop / 8 (14", 13")
Power Hoop (steel 2.3mm) (12", 10")
Vintage Snare Wire [CPSL-14DR]
8ply Maple 5mm


CANOPUS Standard Model

This Snare Drum is truly worthy to be called “THE Maple” because of its natural brilliance, good sound projection, and a complex, controlled high-pitched overtone series. Standard equipped vintage snare wires give it a sensitive feel, and the shell construction is designed for the best sound production with a delicate and precise bearing edge.

The Maple Snare Drum Snare Wire
Vintage Snare Wire [CPSL-14DR]
brings out the potential of your snare drum and allows you to express more with pianissimo sound.
More Detail
The Maple Snare Drum Bolt Tight
Bolt Tight
Makes the Tension Rods Smoother. No More Loose Tension Rods. No More Unwanted Overtones. More Overall Tones from Drums.
More Detail
The Maple Snare Drum Hoop
Diecast Hoop (14″ & 13″)
Canopus die-cast hoops produce a clearly defined tone . They respond to every stroke with full-bodied projection . We have focused on hoop shape and thickness, and used the unique properties of zinc material in order to provide a natural “crack” sound.
The Maple Snare Drum Shell
8ply Maple 5mm
The Maple Snare Drum Strainer
Snare Wire Strainer
A nylon nut is built in the strainer switch CSA-20S.
Canopus’ switch is so designed to prevent “loosening of snare wire” during the performance by creating moderate friction on the tension adjustment dial by the torque controlled nylon nut.