Red Lock

Red Lock

A sense of reassurance is an added advantage for the hard-hitting drummer

RedLock レッドロック

Bolt Tight & Red Lock Iron-Wall Guard

Red-Lock (CTL-4) is a tension bolt lock developed for use with the Bolt Tight to meet the demands of even the hardest-hitting drummers. While Bolt Tight is enough for most players, Red-Lock ensures that even the hardest rimshots won’t loosen your tension bolts.

Tension bolt play occurs mostly around the spot a stick strikes. The moment the hoop sinks from the force of a rim shot, the bolt becomes free and able to turn.

This is when the Red-Lock comes into play, holding the bolt to prevent turning.

The Red-Lock is compact and will never stick out from lugs or get in the way of drum storage, even in your custom-sized cases.

By combining Bolt-Tight and Red-Lock, you have our “Iron-Wall Guard” to ensure that even tuning and consistent sound are retained through even the most punishing performances.

CTL-4available in packs of 4 pcs

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Matt Starr

I just played Budokan last night & for the first time my snare drum stayed in tune thanks to Red Lock! They are indeed an "Iron Wall".

Pipo Teixeira

I've just opened one package of BT-40 for me with the red locks and used them and I'm really amazed!! What an amazing product!! I always had some problems with the two screws that are on each side of my bassdrum where the pedal attaches. Well, I used the two red lock on each screw and YES, no more problems this last two shows I've had!