Hybrid Cymbal Stand




ハイブリッド シンバルスタンド CBS-2HY

Hybrid Cymbal Stand

“Heavy-duty = Lightweight” A new equation

“Heavy-duty = Lightweight” A new equation When it comes to carrying and setting drums, the weight of hardware is really a headache. As an answer to this proposition, Canopus has introduced light-weight hardware series which have inherited the vintage style of 60’s. It is quite true that there are more demands for heavy duty hardwares, the number of drummers who want to have loud sound are increasing as well. At the same time, we had to face a dilemma that hardware itself is getting heavier. Hybrid Cymbal Stand which will be released by Canopus will be the new response to this paradox. By applying aluminum material which is lighter than steel, While “Heavy-duty = Heavy” is the equation、new equation “Heavy-duty = Light” has been established.

Why it has to be Hybrid?

Have you ever noticed that cymbal sounds varies depending on the cymbal stand ? As a matter of fact, cymbal sound makes big difference by the combination of components or by the materials for components. When the primary purpose is to develop light weight stand, needless to say thatall the required materials for the stand should be of aluminum. As we proceed the development of light weight stand along with this idea,it was natural consequence to reaffirm the fact that advantage of aluminum is to reduce weight, on the other hand aluminum material is rather hard to transfer the vibration as musical instruments. Under the normal circumstances, the main purpose of the cymbal stand is to support cymbal, however, it is also an important factor of the cymbal stand to bring out the best of cymbal sound by resonating with the vibration of the cymbal. In pursuit for light weight, while retaining the cymbal sound, we spent trial and error for over 2 years. For a start, improved hardness of aluminum components by giving “heat treatment”on the materials while maintaining the resonance at the higher pitch. Furthermore, adopted steel as material to be applied to the spot where vibration which is unresolved even with the heat treatment is required and to the spot where intensity is required as well This is how the “Hybrid Stand” made debut, a stand with combination of aluminum and steel without degrading cymbal sound and solved the weight problem at one time.

“hardened alminium”
center pipe
boom arm, the bridge of center pipe and leg

Commitment to sound and solution to ghe paradox of weight balance.

In our pursuit of well balanced stand, the ideal is that weight of stand increases toward the bottom. However, we faced a contradiction to adopt steel which is high mass than hardened aluminum at the spot near the cymbal. In recent years, drum manufacturers are apt to adopt tripod structure with the alternating combination in order to set up as many stands as possible in the narrow space, bottom of center pipe is somewhat above the floor On the other hand, our stand which is unconventional for its hybrid structure, however, we brought the ideal balance to reality, by designing the center of gravity at the lower position, thus the bottom of the center pipe of stand get very close to the floor at the time of setting the cymbal stand.
Hybrid Cymbal Stand
No. Size
CBS-2HY Weight: 3.1kg (6.83lb)
H≒720mm~1600mm (28.34″~63″)
Tube dia. φ32mm/25.5mm/19mm/12.7mm


Center Staging
Dustin Perle | Drum Dept. Manager (CenterStaging)

The average cymbal stand weighs around 13 lbs, and the Canopus Hybrid weighs only 8 lbs (closer to 7). This hardware is very smart, and very sharp looking. The drum throne is also very classy. Almost feels like an office chair, more than the typical vinyl throne.

Jonathon Peretz
Jonathon Peretz

Strong but not too heavy. Definitely lighter than stands of equal size and strength. Very easy to adjust and tighten.

Ian Froman
Ian Froman

The stands are great - so light - but so sturdy