Jotan Afanadorジョタン・アファナドール


Jotan Afanador

Nationality: Puerto Rico

JOTAN AFANADOR Aventura’s Drummer has set a world record for the fastest drummer in the world!
He has played and toured around the world in the biggest and most prestigious venus with many artist and bands.
He’s also been featured on national TV shows- The Wayne Brady Show on CBS, Fox Sports Tom Arnold’s Best Damn Sports Show, Cold Pizza, XSTV-Xtreme, VH1 Music First and As Seen on TV. Jotan has also appeared on Univision’s Sabado Gigante con Don Francisco.
Most recently, Jotan Afanador has performed a drum solo for Lady Gaga and played along side New York Yankees’, Bernie Williams.
Also worked with and recorded on Jennifer Lopez music for the world music awards 2010! Stay tune for Jotan Afanador Drum DVD coming soon!
Currently on tour with Billboards Latin Music #1 Latin boy band, Aventura.

Message to CANOPUS

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