NV70-M4 Snare Drum

NV70-M4 スネアドラム

Japanese Sword Separate Lug
Round Edge Hoop (Top : 12 hole / Bottom : 6 hole)
Vintage Snare Wire [CPSL-14DR]
5ply Maple + Poplar
Superior Maple Lacquer
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Be Conspicuous

NEO VINTAGE M4 is based upon the technology and specifications of some outstanding drum designs from the 1970s. Its unique design features 12 tension rods on top and 6 on the bottom. A 5 ply maple and thicker poplar shell construction, and Canopus’ precision bearing edge shaping, combine to create a characteristically “mellow and dry” vintage sound. With these specifications – providing a blend of tight attack and a comfortable, loose reverberation, it is a totally unique instrument. Certainly, this conspicuous sound will be highly prized and sought-after by a great many drummers.

Neo Vintage Snare Drum NV70M4S-1465