Helge Nyheim

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Helge Nyheim

Is a high profile drummer based in Bergen Norway Started playing drums for more than thirty years ago when I recieved my first drumkit. At age 14 I played in my first band, and I`ve been a professional drummer since I was 22 years old. in 1987 i recorded my first solo material,on a 7″vinyl
as Helge Nyheim Project with the great Per Jørgensen (Jøkleba)
In 1988 i moved to Oslo and played with Novaja,and in 89 i joined Katho.
Since then I`ve worked with a long line of known artists in various styles and wide rang of genres. Including studio recordings, tours. And I do approximately 200 gigs a year.
Here are some of the artists I have worked with, national and international : Egil Eldøen, Mads Eriksen, Kenneth Sivertsen, Kim Fairchild, Trine Rein, Frode Alnæs, Tor Endresen, Ove Thue, Lollipop, Rune Hauge, Anne Hvidsten, Jens Falck (Denmark), Mike Gallaher (USA) Jim Gordon (Ireland), Doug Morter (England), Jerry Donahue (USA), Barry Mcguire (USA), Todd Smallwood (USA), Belva Haney (USA), Steve Morgan (Scottland), Brendan McKinney (USA), Ian Ritchie (England).
Peter Straker (England) Maesa Pullman (USA)
Nyheim, Oldervik, Skage – Til livsens tre (1992)
Clive Scott – In a jazzy mood (1993)
Animal Farm – Animal Farm (1994)
Roadrunners – Arriba (1996)
Sturle Andersen – Fra mitt vindu (1997)

Alltid no’ godt fra Bergen –Collection of pop&rock from the last 25 years in Bergen(1999)

Bergen Roots History – Collection of country blues 1969-1999 with Bergen artists (1999)

Steve Morgan – Heaven help me (2001)
Daniel B – Daniel B (2003)
Steve Morgan – Shadow dancing (2003)
Brendan McKinney – Right were I came in (2003)
Bengt Sundsbø – Ett lag for oss – Brann football team supporter song (2004)
Jim Gordon – Scenic tours in the darkness (2004)
Brendan mcKinney – My dads car (2006)
Per Ivar Gullanger – Magic Love (2006)
Norwegian Wood – Music for China – Compilation Album(2008)
Anne Hvidsten – The bubble burst (2009)
Helge Nyheim – The ride back home (2010)
(solo album)
Sturle Andersen – Bare en sommer single (2010)
Brendan McKinney – Best they can (2010)
Fritz James Moritz and the beautiful friendship – Love is the answer,aim for it,always forever (2011)
Bjørn Inge Berge – Rusletur bak tid og rom (2011)
Kjell Madsen – Distanse (2011)
Per Ellingsen – We`ll fly (2011)
Per Ivar Gullanger – Frå sjela (2011)
Dagdriverene – Hem te Bergen (2013 )
Julian Misic – Maestro (2018)
GSN – Gjersvik Seim Nyheim (2018)
Brendan McKinney – Someone else`s blues (2018)