Greg Burrows

Greg Burrows is a working jazz drummer in New York. He performs with Brian Torff & New Duke, plays and Lincoln Center, and clubs and venues throughout New York, New Jersey and Connecticut in the USA.

Greg experienced many years of working in a variety of bands, clubs and New York City theater jobs–including five years with Brooklyn’s psychedelic Peruvian style group Chicha Libre, and a brief period in the band at the famed Blue Man Group show, 100s of gigs in Manhattan clubs and venues.d

In 2005, Greg discovered the most beautiful sounding and looking drums on the planet at Barry Greenspon’s NYC shop, Drummers World. He has tried other brands but has returned to playing Canopus Drums exclusively, intitiating an endorser relationship in 2017. Canopus are Greg’s Sound. He can’t imagine recording or performing on any other drum brand.

In 2017 Greg returned to his deepest roots, which are to play acoustic jazz: straight-ahead swing, big band jazz, funk jazz, Brazilian and Latin-flavored jazz. That year, he recorded his first CD as leader and executive producer, called Tell York Story. Produced by 2018 NEA Jazz Master, Todd Barkan and surrounded by some of the greatest veteran NY jazz players (Harvie S – bass, Bob DeVos – guitar). Tell Your Story is available on iTunes, Amazon, and CD Baby, as a digital download or to purchase CDs. Classic 1950s-70s jazz played in a fresh and new way–please check out: Tell Your Story by Greg Burrows!