R.F.M. 15×16 Floor Tom

R.F.M. 15×16 Floor Tom


While developing the R.F.M. series, we first visualized what a maple shell should sound like. The modern maple drum shell has a solid, bright sound, but there are also some shortcomings that we believed could be improved upon. The shell itself does not resonate enough, the mid-range does not sustain enough, and there are often unwanted overtones.
We concluded that it must be possible to develop maple shell drums that maintain the existing desirable traits, yet also address these issues. With this in mind, CANOPUS has moved forward with an ongoing research into maple-shell construction, closely examining problems that arise as we experiment. For example, when we make a thin shell for greater resonance, we lose sustain and cannot feel the power of the drum. We know this through our experience and accumulated observations.
Reinforcement quickly drew our attention as a means to achieve a better sound. Reinforcement was originally meant to reinforce the shells, but we decided to use it proactively as a tool to shape tone. Through rigorous testing of all combinations in width, thickness and numbers of ply we have established our unique approach to reinforcing shells. Depending on a shell’s diameter and depth, we utilize different reinforcement construction as well as different shell construction. The result is our R.F.M. series that has a bright, solid sound with enough mid-range tone and resonance. We achieved a fantastic core drum sound as well; our maple drums have a wide tuning range, plenty of resonance and an excellent balance with the drum-set. We highly recommend our maple drums for all genres of music.

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Please note :
*Photo shown is just an example. Hardware, Cymbals, additional tom / floor tom and other items on the photo are not included. Only drum(s) specified in the description is included.
*Bass drum comes standard with no tom mount installed except Yaiba Maple bass drum.
*If a tom mount needs to be installed on a bass drum, please purchase a tom holder separately. When a tom holder is purchased with a bass drum, we determine that a tom mount needs to be installed on a bass drum.
*When you choose mat lacquer, the photo shown is gloss lacquer. The actual purchased product will be in mat lacquer if you choose mat lacquer.
*Photo might not show the hoop type you selected, but your purchased item will come with the hoop type you chose.
*Colors on the photo might be slightly different from the actual color.

*Important Notice : Due to some difficulties with our lacquring process, we are not able to accept any lacquer orders. Please check with us if you are planning to order a drum in lacquer finish.

Additional information

Weight 30 kg

Oil, Wrap, LQ


Bitter Brown Oil, Black Olive Oil, Charcoal Oil, Indigo Oil, Natural Oil, Smokey Violet Oil, Aqua Satin, Black, Black Onyx, Black Satin, Black Spkl, Blue Onyx, Blue Spkl, Blue Oyster, Champagne, Citrus Mod, Ginger Glitter, Gold Spkl, Green Spkl, Marmalade Swirl, Merlot Glitter, Merlot Spkl, Mod Orange, Psychedelic Red, Red Satin, Red Spkl, Silver Spkl, Sky Blue Pearl, Turquoise Oyster, Vintage Pearl, W.M.P, White Satin, Signal Green Ripple, Crimson Fade Mat LQ, Crimson Mat LQ, Ebony Mat LQ, Electric Plum Mat LQ, Emelard Fade Mat LQ, Emerald Mat LQ, Natural Mat LQ, Orange Fade Mat LQ, Royal Mat LQ, Solid Black Mat LQ, Tobacco Burst Mat LQ, Camel Fade LQ, Crimson Fade LQ, Crimson LQ, Ebony LQ, Electric Plum Fade LQ, Electric Plum LQ, Emerald Fade LQ, Emerald LQ, Natural LQ, Orange Fade LQ, Royal Fade LQ, Royal LQ, Solid Black LQ, Tobacco Burst LQ




Hoop : Steel 2.3mm
Shell : American Maple
Lug Type : Solid Tube Lug
Lug Color : Brass
Drum Head : USA Remo (Coated Ambassador)


  • Mike Rose / Center Staging

  • When we opened the boxes of our new Canopus drum kit, I was blown away by the craftsmanship and high quality of the materials.
    Once we set them up and played them, we were in heaven!
    The drums sound amazing and are absolutely beautiful and a pleasure to play!
    We are all in love with these drums!!!!!!

  • Matt Kane

    Matt Kane

  • I have been using my new Canopus Club Kit around New York a lot. I want to share a story with you: One night, I played a brazilian gig and they said to bring a small kit. I brought the Club Kit. They wanted very high volume and high energy samba all night long and there was no bass player. The bass drum on the club kit sounded so amazing!! It filled the room with tone and I did not miss the bass player. The bounce from the 15" bass drum is so nice, I did not have to work hard to make a big sound and the band loved it, too! After the gig, I felt great. Canopus has produced a truly amazing instrument, I am more and more impressed with it. Thank you so, so much...

  • Roger Turner

    Roger Turner

  • The club kit has all the tonal clarity and authority you could wish for throughout the pitch range, and the drums are made with the attention to detail and shell innovation that makes canopus such a great company.

  • Danny Salerno from NY, USA

  • They are the best sounding and well made drums I have ever played. Love the bitter brown oiled finish.

  • Alphonse Mouzon

    Alphonse Mouzon

  • CANOPUS R.F.M drum kit are the best drums that I’ve ever played thus far! Their strengths are in the design, quality and exceptional sound!! It doesn't matter if I’m playing a “live” concert or recording in the studio, the impeccable steady tone, sound and crispness of CANOPUS DRUMS comes through for me, and is incomparable to all of other drums on the market! I will not settle for less than CANOPUS DRUMS!

  • Steve Hirsh

    Steve Hirsh

  • My RFM drums are the warmest, most musical drums I've owned, in nearly 50 years of playing. I like to tune my drums high, and the RFM don't lose any of their tone, even at the highest tunings. And the 15" bass drum is about my favorite ever - incredible tone and articulation, and it's easy to haul around.

  • Dana Fitzsimons

    Dana Fitzsimons

  • The kit has arrived and I am knocked out. They open up with the lightest touch and it makes me want to play softer. They are super light in weight but deliver the best of the tone of the great vintage drums - but brought up to date. The attention to detail is amazing. Fit and finish are perfect; bearing edges and stain all perfectly even. They tune easily. The stock heads are exceptional. There’s a transparency to the tone that will make it easier to play and blend with other players. The brass lugs are all class. Under the mics the drums are a dream.

    The Hybrid II throne is fantastic - lighter weight, as strong as those heavy thrones we all hate dragging around, and with a natural hemp cover that will be great for long gigs. The Speed Star bearings for pedals are the truth! I’ve played my Camco pedal stock since 1988. When I added the Speed Star bearing, it made my workhorse pedal quieter, more responsive, more efficient, and smoother. Such an easy way to improve your favorite pedal.

  • Don Berman

    Don Berman

  • Since my RFM drums arrived I have played them in a number of different situations, and they have delighted me on each occasion. I need drums that deliver great sound at all dynamic levels and these drums do so. I can sincerely say tnat tney are the finest instruments I have ever played. The set feels to me like it is alive and breathes! I can play it at a light whisper and I get the same quality tone as when I really lay into the drums in louder areas of the music I play. I have never played a drum set that is so responsive, even at very low dynamic levels. After playing the RFM's for a while now, I have witnessed what I read about the way they arer designed and built. The shells are constructed in such a way in such a way that each drum responds and speaks as well as the others. They belong and balance with each other like a family. My RFM's are I all I could ask for. Thank you, Canopus!

  • Ken “K Bo” Biedzynski

    Ken “K Bo” Biedzynski

  • "The RFM kit is tough to beat," says K Bo. "The quality and workmanship is clearly top shelf and the sound capabilities are vast," he continued. K Bo also talked about the aesthetics of his RFM kit: "I have to say that it is rare that someone does not comment on the appearance of my kit and that is a direct reflection on the product that Canopus produces. Knowing the folks at Canopus and seeing them in action, they remind me of a pit crew in racing. They each swiftly and efficiently address a certain element of the drum kit and as a team they are relentless. I don't think the quality of Canopus drums is debatable at all and I know I am not the only one who thinks that.

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