NV60M1 NY Kit (16BD.12TT.14FT)

NV60M1 NY Kit (16BD.12TT.14FT)


Our shell design for the M1 is a result of analyzing the drum sound that dominated the jazz world in the 1960’s. Our shell construction consists of maple and poplar in 7 ply (for TT/FT) and 10 ply (for BD). Our snare drums utilize the same 7 ply maple and poplar combination, but with a customized layout for the NV60-M1 snare drum. In addition to using vintage bearing edges as a guide for our own unique design, we have adopted die-cast hoops as standard equipment on our floor toms and tom toms. The core of the drum sound comes to life in high pitched tuning, and totally eliminates the differences and instabilities that have traditionally hampered the sound of vintage instruments.

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Please note :
*Photo shown is just an example. Hardware, Cymbals, additional tom / floor tom and other items on the photo are not included. Only drum(s) specified in the description is included.
*Bass drum comes standard with no tom mount installed except Yaiba Maple bass drum.
*If a tom mount needs to be installed on a bass drum, please purchase a tom holder separately. When a tom holder is purchased with a bass drum, we determine that a tom mount needs to be installed on a bass drum.
*When you choose mat lacquer, the photo shown is gloss lacquer. The actual purchased product will be in mat lacquer if you choose mat lacquer.
*Photo might not show the hoop type you selected, but your purchased item will come with the hoop type you chose.
*Colors on the photo might be slightly different from the actual color.

*Important Notice : Due to some difficulties with our lacquring process, we are not able to accept any lacquer orders. Please check with us if you are planning to order a drum in lacquer finish.

Additional information

Weight 58 kg

Oil, Wrap, LQ


Bitter Brown Oil, Black Olive Oil, Charcoal Oil, Indigo Oil, Natural Oil, Smokey Violet Oil, Aqua Satin, Black, Black Onyx, Black Satin, Black Spkl, Blue Onyx, Blue Spkl, Blue Oyster, Champagne, Citrus Mod, Ginger Glitter, Gold Spkl, Green Spkl, Marmalade Swirl, Merlot Glitter, Merlot Spkl, Mod Orange, Psychedelic Red, Red Satin, Red Spkl, Silver Spkl, Sky Blue Pearl, Turquoise Oyster, Vintage Pearl, W.M.P, White Satin, Signal Green Ripple, Crimson Fade Mat LQ, Crimson Mat LQ, Ebony Mat LQ, Electric Plum Mat LQ, Emelard Fade Mat LQ, Emerald Mat LQ, Natural Mat LQ, Orange Fade Mat LQ, Royal Mat LQ, Solid Black Mat LQ, Tobacco Burst Mat LQ, Camel Fade LQ, Crimson Fade LQ, Crimson LQ, Ebony LQ, Electric Plum Fade LQ, Electric Plum LQ, Emerald Fade LQ, Emerald LQ, Natural LQ, Orange Fade LQ, Royal Fade LQ, Royal LQ, Solid Black LQ, Tobacco Burst LQ



14″x16″BD 8″x12″TT 13″x14″FT

Hoop : Die Cast
Shell : Maple+Poplar in 7 ply (for TT/FT) and 7 ply (for BD)
Lug Type : Solid Tube Lug
Lug Color : Brass
Drum Head : USA Remo (Coated Ambassador)


  • Tutty Moreno(Joyce)

    Tutty Moreno(Joyce)

  • The new Canopus set (Neo-Vintage series NV60-M1) is really a dream come true. It's the sound every drummer has inside his or her mind. but that's so hard to finde. I am sure that it will make drummers around the world feel like crying for joy!

  • Abe Lagrimas Jr.

    Abe Lagrimas Jr.

  • It's easy to play, easy to tune, and it really helps me express myself at my highest musical level. I look forward to playing them for many years to come.

  • Eliot Zigmund

    Eliot Zigmund

  • There is a comparison to the old Gretsch, but like comparing a 1958 Maserati to a 2012 Maserati.
    The nice rounded, clear, but flat, not much ring, die cast sound is there, but the Canopus drums are just so much easier to play and the sound projects so well.
    Also, they sound and feel consistent in many acoustic settings and have a more versatile tuning range, which was a big problem for all the older drums especially Gretsch.
    The older 18" Gretsch bass drums (and all the others Ludwig, Sling, etc) were not easy to tune in different acoustic settings. Medium to loose tunings did not produce great bass response or resonance, the 18's sounded best tuned pretty high, young Tony Williams. Some nights they sounded great and then you'd go to another gig and they'd sound terrible, no resonance.
    The 14x20's were easier to get a consistent sound out of. The 18" NV Canopus is amazing for depth of bass sound, much different than old American companies, hard to believe it's only an 18".

  • Steve Rubin

    Steve Rubin

  • I have the great fortune to now play a set of Canopus NV-M1 drums.
    This is a wonderful musical instrument.
    As a lifetime (40+ years) of owning Gretsch, and having studied with Mel Lewis , we know what they used. Had Canopus been on the scene back then I have no doubt that it would have been defined as the quintessential jazz drum kit. While the NV-M1 is promoted as a jazz players drums, I find as someone that plays other styles that the kit is far more versatile .
    The snare drum is magnificent, warm, but dynamic when needed. The 18" bass drum can tune up high for that jazz sound or tuned down with a touch of muffle to give you some funk when you need it.
    The toms are open and warm or tight and "Brian Blade like" as you need . What occurred to me during my first gig with them was that I was playing a high quality musical instrument. And while we all know that what you play is what matters most, having a quality instrument to make your statement can go a long way.
    Oh and yes, visually it's a classy high end looking set of drums.

  • Robert Delich

    Robert Delich

  • In all my years of playing, I've played just about every drum brand name imaginable. Undoubtedly, Canopus Drums are exactly the sound I've been looking for. Above and beyond their great design, Canopus quality engineering and craftsmanship has developed and produced a clear, clean, and projecting sound that puts Canopus in a league of their own. The name Canopus is truly a rising star.

  • John Morgan

    John Morgan

  • There is a certain sound I have always had in my head and I finally found the drum that can produce it. I have 7 other drum sets but the Canopus NV60-M1 is the only one I play anymore. Superb sound and craftsmanship

  • Jason Paul Harman Byrne (The JB 4, Will Sellenraad)

    Jason Paul Harman Byrne (The JB 4, Will Sellenraad)

  • The Canopus NV60-M1 drums are quickly becoming a legendary, much sought-after drum kit, as more great players discover the beauty, depth and versatility of their sound. There is a reason that world-class jazz artists such as Clarence Penn, Kenny Washingon, Brian Blade, Harvey Mason, Adam Cruz, Eliot Zigmund, Francisco Mela, Matt Slocum, and many others, choose Canopus; these players can play any gear they wish, and they all sit behind a set of Canopus drums, and trust this instrument to represent them on stage and in studios - that tells you all you need to know! The NV60-M1 drums are also the drums of choice for the finest jazz clubs in New York City, including Smalls Jazz Club, Smoke, The Cornelia Street Café and others.

    The quality and sound of the NV60-M1 drums is nothing short of phenomenal. They are simply elegant, sophisticated, and just perfect in every way. I tried to find a flaw, whether it be cosmetic or in the sound, and it can’t be done, they are absolutely flawless and truly a dream kit! Playing them is an unmitigated joy and they inspire me to play musically, dynamically and melodically – what more could you ask for from your instrument? These drums are very suited for jazz (with the maple/poplar shells and diecast hoops), and they blend perfectly with other acoustic instruments. They will do whatever you need them to do musically, from a whisper to a roar, and can handle a wide range of tunings. You can tune them up to sound like Max, or tune them low to sound like Philly Joe, it’s your choice.

    I couldn’t be prouder to represent this great company, and couldn’t be happier with my new Canopus Drums!

  • Fabian Arends

    Fabian Arends

  • These drums have a great tonal quality. They are easy and perfect to tune and have a warm, rich and punctuate sound. I can use them in a lot of different musical situations and they project very well. Very inspiring instruments!

  • Vlade Guigni

    Vlade Guigni

  • These Drums are just amazing. The tuning range is ridiculous. The Bass Drum has so much attack… The Toms sing! The Snare Drum is my favorite from all my Snare Drum collection. The Neo Vintage NV60-M1 series are the most versatile drums from all the Canopus lines. You can play ANY style with these drums, Jazz, Pop, Rock, Latin, Funk, Gospel, literally anything. As a versatile drummer, this set really meets ALL my needs. I Highly recommend any drummer to get them ASAP!.

  • Antoine Fatout

    Antoine Fatout

  • The Neo Vintage series is amazing, I have been looking for this kind of sound since I was playing music as a kid in France. The touch and the feel is incredible and the drums sing when you play them. I have been even more inspired to play the music I love on this wonderful instrument!

  • Armando Luongo

    Armando Luongo

  • I heard the first time the canopus drum kit in 2011 when I went for the first time in NY.
    At that time I was looking for a vintage bop kit but finilly I realized that the canopus NV60 M1 sounded exactly the way I was looking for.
    This drum kit can "sing"!!!

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