Birch 8.5×12 Tom

Birch 8.5×12 Tom


CANOPUS’ presentation of our ideal sound in the R.F.M. series was enthusiastically supported by many drummers. However, historically speaking, a musical instrument has to change in order to adapt to new playing methods, new genres and trends of a new age. A musical instrument is always destined to face new demands, even if the manufacturer makes their masterpiece with confidence. CANOPUS understands this challenge. Hard rock and funk drummers want a fast, fundamental, projecting tone and this became a key focus for our next development.

In order to achieve this sound, we decided to use shells without reinforcement. After trying many materials, our research concluded that birch worked best for rock. Extensive trial and error went into determining the ply and edge angle on the drum shells. The result is a drum with startling sound character that will reinvent the image of the birch shell. Our birch series has a weathered and rich sound, because of less dense birch and a slightly weaker molding pressure. All of these findings were discovered unexpectedly and worked out quite well for us.

Our birch series has a powerful, sustaining low end with a fast release and excellent sound projection. It is the embodiment of the sound we envisioned for the birch series. Our birch drums are now used by many drummers live, in the studio, or wherever this powerful tone is needed.

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Please note :
*Photo shown is just an example. Hardware, Cymbals, additional tom / floor tom and other items on the photo are not included. Only drum(s) specified in the description is included.
*Bass drum comes standard with no tom mount installed except Yaiba Maple bass drum.
*If a tom mount needs to be installed on a bass drum, please purchase a tom holder separately. When a tom holder is purchased with a bass drum, we determine that a tom mount needs to be installed on a bass drum.
*When you choose mat lacquer, the photo shown is gloss lacquer. The actual purchased product will be in mat lacquer if you choose mat lacquer.
*Photo might not show the hoop type you selected, but your purchased item will come with the hoop type you chose.
*Colors on the photo might be slightly different from the actual color.

*Important Notice : Due to some difficulties with our lacquring process, we are not able to accept any lacquer orders. Please check with us if you are planning to order a drum in lacquer finish.

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Weight 11 kg

Wrap, LQ


Aqua Satin, Black, Black Onyx, Black Satin, Black Spkl, Blue Onyx, Blue Spkl, Blue Oyster, Champagne, Citrus Mod, Ginger Glitter, Gold Spkl, Green Spkl, Marmalade Swirl, Merlot Glitter, Merlot Spkl, Mod Orange, Psychedelic Red, Red Satin, Red Spkl, Silver Spkl, Sky Blue Pearl, Turquoise Oyster, Vintage Pearl, W.M.P, White Satin, Signal Green Ripple, Crimson Fade Mat LQ, Crimson Mat LQ, Ebony Mat LQ, Electric Plum Mat LQ, Emelard Fade Mat LQ, Emerald Mat LQ, Natural Mat LQ, Orange Fade Mat LQ, Royal Mat LQ, Solid Black Mat LQ, Tobacco Burst Mat LQ, Camel Fade LQ, Crimson Fade LQ, Crimson LQ, Ebony LQ, Electric Plum Fade LQ, Electric Plum LQ, Emerald Fade LQ, Emerald LQ, Natural LQ, Orange Fade LQ, Royal Fade LQ, Royal LQ, Solid Black LQ, Tobacco Burst LQ, Rotten Blue Mat LQ, Rotten Red Mat LQ




Hoop : Steel 2.3mm
Shell : Birch
Lug Type : Solid Tube Lug
Lug Color : Chrome
Drum Head : USA Remo (Coated Ambassador)


  • Tutty Moreno(Joyce)

  • When I was very young, I enjoyed listening to the Blue Note jazz albums.
    The great drummers of the era, my heroes, sounded so wonderful. When I grew up, I always looked for an instrument that would sound as great as theirs.
    Now, I can finally say that there is an instrument with that great sound, but with a unique personality.
    That great sound and much more! I am proud and happy for me and for Canopus.

  • Pheeroan akLaff

  • Birch is my favorite wood for the American Drum-set. It's projection can respond to 20th Century instruments and it's resonance is mellow enough to blend with ancient instruments. The Canopus artisans bring out the most musical resonance in birch I have heard.

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