Bence Bolygo Review on YAIBA II Drum Kit

Bence Bolygo

The yaiba as the name implies is a master sword instrument. Due to Canopus's intensive research and development program they have created a standard series kit to their portfolio that is versitile for all situations and stands up to being played in any genre from pop to jazz to rock. Canopus based...

Tutty Moreno Review on YAIBA II Drum Kit

Tutty Moreno

In my long relationship with Canopus -since the very first time, when I went to the small old factory and was introduced to Zelkova snare (Canopus' only original product by then, circa 1988) - I've never had the slightest doubt about the quality that came from the ideas (and ideals) of Shinichi...

Jordi Geuens Review on Vintage Snare Wire

Jordi Geuens

The Canopus snare wires make a very important difference in sound. My snares have more body & tone and the snare wires themselves give me a sweet & crisp sound! Love them!

Jason Sutter Review on Back Beat Snare Wire 30

Jason Sutter

Canopus has changed the game again with their new 30 strand snare wire! My new go to snares, as they provide the body and depth of their 40 strand wire with the snap and unrivaled articulation of the 20s...try them and they will be YOUR new go to snares wires!

Curt Bisquera Review on Back Beat Snare Wire 30

Curt Bisquera

It responds with more articulation as well as less sympathetic buzz...from the lightest buzz roll to super thundering back beats, this new 30 Strand Wire will make ALL the difference in your sound and playing. It might be my new favorite!

Albe Bonacci Review on Back Beat Snare Wire 30

Albe Bonacci

The new Canopus 30 strand snare wires help me get the perfect balance of shell vs. wire sound. They bridge the gap between the 20 and 42 strand amazingly. With the fat, sensitive, crisp sound I’ ve come to love, without added snare buzz. Beautiful.

Matt Starr Review on Back Beat Snare Wire 30

Matt Starr

Canopus 30 and 42 strand wires make my snare drum sound fatter, warmer and just plain better. After using them once, I can never use anything else. They are the best wire in the industry

Brent Lee Review on Vintage Snare Wire

Brent Lee

Canopus Snare Wires give me the crisp and sensitive sound I'm looking for. Invest in the best, choose Canopus Snare Wires!

Jotan Afanador (Aventura) Review on NV70-M4 Snare Drum

Jotan Afanador (Aventura)

Neo Vintage Snare Drum has a very unique sound and look! It defines its self as one of a kind very powerful, bright but yet warm and sweet very articulate and sensitive from slow to fast at any rang of dynamics and style! It can be any sound you want it to be and beyond. Neo Vantage snare drums...

Dave Johnstone Review on Vintage Snare Wire

Dave Johnstone

Canopus wires make my snare drums sound their best. They respond at a full range of dynamics and give an amazing tone. I use these wires on ALL of my snare drums, live and in the studio!

John Morgan Review on Neo Vintage NV60-M1

John Morgan

There is a certain sound I have always had in my head and I finally found the drum that can produce it. I have 7 other drum sets but the Canopus NV60-M1 is the only one I play anymore. Superb sound and craftsmanship

Chris Brady (Brady Drums) Review on Bolt Tight

We use Canopus Bolt Tight on all our drums because they eliminate detentioning of the heads. Simple & highly effective.

Cooper Acoutin / Acoutin Custom Drums Review on Vintage Snare Wire

Canopus Vintage snare wires are very sensitive and articulate allowing our snares to maintain a solid back beat and still provide a nice buzz roll.

Edward Barroetabene Review on YAIBA II Drum Kit

Edward Barroetabene

This Yaiba Bop kit gives you more of what you expect from a Drums of this size, works perfectly if you change the tuning in different styles, is like a chameleon". Jazz, Latin, Funk, Pop, limitless..

Alex Monsoliu / Jamboree Jazz Club/ Sound engineer Review on YAIBA II Drum Kit

Alex Monsoliu / Jamboree Jazz Club/ Sound engineer

My job is rewarding when the sound of a drum kit responds to all harmonics at any type of dynamic, this makes it very easy and comfortable to use.

Matt Starr Review on Speed Master Bearing

Matt Starr

SS-5000 (on DW 5000) The Speed Star Bearing made and noticeable improvement to the smoothness, speed and consistency throughout the stroke on my DW 5000 pedal. Looking forward to working with it some more!

Ilan / Terra Blues Review on YAIBA II Drum Kit

Ilan / Terra Blues

The music at Terra Blues NYC is only served one way; authentic. With its rich sounding snare and deep, punchy bass drum, the Canopus drum kit delivers any blues shuffle beat with bonafide results.

Brian Tichy Review on Back Beat Snare Wire 42

Brian Tichy

Canopus makes great snare wire that produces a tight, even and sizzling sound on snare drums! I'm happy knowing Canopus is under mine! But you gotta check out all the other top notch products they have!

Jess Birch (Steve Maxwell NY) Review on Speed Master Bearing

The Speed Star Bearing improved the power and precision of my Camco pedal. It is more responsive and has a smoother action. Thanks Canopus!