Armando Luongo Review on Neo Vintage NV60-M1

Armando Luongo

I heard the first time the canopus drum kit in 2011 when I went for the first time in NY. At that time I was looking for a vintage bop kit but finilly I realized that the canopus NV60 M1 sounded exactly the way I was looking for. This drum kit can "sing"!!!

Antoine Fatout Review on Neo Vintage NV60-M1

Antoine Fatout

The Neo Vintage series is amazing, I have been looking for this kind of sound since I was playing music as a kid in France. The touch and the feel is incredible and the drums sing when you play them. I have been even more inspired to play the music I love on this wonderful instrument!

Vlade Guigni Review on Neo Vintage NV60-M1

Vlade Guigni

These Drums are just amazing. The tuning range is ridiculous. The Bass Drum has so much attack… The Toms sing! The Snare Drum is my favorite from all my Snare Drum collection. The Neo Vintage NV60-M1 series are the most versatile drums from all the Canopus lines. You can play ANY style with these...

Fabio Rojas Review on Ash Snare Drum

Fabio Rojas

I was amazed since the very first song I played with it. Its range blew my mind, as it is very sensitive even using just bare fingers/nails all the way to super loud dynamics with the sticks. An extremely versatile snare drum, with a vintage sound touch, perfect for any music format.

Steve Davis Review on YAIBA II Drum Kit

Steve Davis

I have endorsed a number of great drums up to this point in my career. I must say that Canopus allows me to play with the nuance that I love to use in the music I play. They are transparent but focused in sound and wonderfully responsive. The attention to detail that these drums are made with...

Frank Colonnato Review on Mahogany

I have been playing Canopus Drums for over a decade and they are some of the finest instruments being made. Frank Colonnato, Long Island Drum Center Nyack

William Hanley Review on Ash

William Hanley

I've enjoyed my ash bop kit for over a year now and never cease to be amazed at the quality and attention to detail; and, as any of my friends and colleagues will tell you, I'm not easily impressed…

Charlie Nicholson Review on Back Beat Snare Wire 42

Charlie Nicholson

The 42 and 30 back beat snare wires. I had no idea how much of a difference the snare wires really make. The 32 strand made my snare sound like a firecracker that went off 2 ft from your ear. Made an incredible difference. Then I put the 42 strand on. And wow. That thing added a completely new...

Charlie Nicholson Review on Snare WIre Parts

Charlie Nicholson

The nylon snare straps. I've put them on every snare have. I always used the plastic straps and they've always slipped and broke. The straps are extremely durable. Love em.

Charlie Nicholson Review on Red Lock

Charlie Nicholson

The red locks are brilliant. They work perfectly to keep my snare in tune and leave me not worrying about having to tune in the middle a show.

Charlie Nicholson Review on YAIBA II Drum Kit

Charlie Nicholson

The yaiba kits are great. Great shell construction, perfect finishes with zero overlap. They give me the booming toms that I need with a fat punchy kick, providing the perfect amount of attack and clarity in each hit. These kits are Timeless.

Charlie Nicholson Review on Black-Nickel Brass Snare Drum

Charlie Nicholson

The most powerful snare I've ever played. I've finally found what I've been searching for all these years!

Leon Ndugu Chancler Review on Back Beat Snare Wire 42

Leon Ndugu Chancler

The back beat snares gives you that crisp vintage snare sound on a vintage drum.It also gives new drums a new uncooked broad snare sound.

Fabian Arends Review on Neo Vintage NV60-M1

Fabian Arends

These drums have a great tonal quality. They are easy and perfect to tune and have a warm, rich and punctuate sound. I can use them in a lot of different musical situations and they project very well. Very inspiring instruments!

Fabian Arends Review on NV60-M1 Snare Drum

Fabian Arends

Playing this Snaredrum feels great. I am searching for snares with a wide range of dynamics and sensitivity. This Snare Drum provides all these characteristics. In addition to that you can tune it very accurate. From delicate to explosive, everything is possible with this instrument.

Jason Paul Harman Byrne (The JB 4, Will Sellenraad) Review on Neo Vintage NV60-M1

Jason Paul Harman Byrne (The JB 4, Will Sellenraad)

The Canopus NV60-M1 drums are quickly becoming a legendary, much sought-after drum kit, as more great players discover the beauty, depth and versatility of their sound. There is a reason that world-class jazz artists such as Clarence Penn, Kenny Washingon, Brian Blade, Harvey Mason, Adam Cruz,...

IMEP • Paris College of Music Review on YAIBA II Drum Kit

IMEP • Paris College of Music

Unboxing, tuning and playing the Yaiba is a wonderfull experience. The looks, the colors and the finishing are amazing, students at IMEP • Paris College of Music are very lucky ! I tried different ways for tuning the sets, and each brought a great result : an excellent drum set !

Howard Ogg Review on YAIBA II Drum Kit

Howard Ogg

"The Yaiba Groove kit from Canopus is a beautifully crafted, all birch shell drum kit that has the warmth and attack that performs well under any venue and any genre of music. It sounds great, feels great, it is THE best drum kit I have ever played." I get compliments all the time from other artist...

Eliot Zigmund Review on YAIBA II Drum Kit

Eliot Zigmund

The new drums were great last night, pretty much out of the box. I did a concert with guitarist John Abercrombie, beautiful clear sound to the kit, really lightweight for set up and knock down. This is my new NYC drum set.

Vinny Vinciguerra Review on Vintage Snare Wire

Vinny Vinciguerra

I have been hearing good things about the vintage snare wires Canopus makes for a few years....finally I put one on my snare drum. I could not believe how awesome it was like getting a new drum! It made my favorite Black Beauty scream "play me"! What a killer sound! I could not be...