Modern Drummer (USA) / Sep. 2000

Modern Drummer (USA) / Sep. 2000

"Rare beauties from the mysterious East" by Rick Mattingly Hits solid one-piece shell promotes drum projection unusual contour of shell promotes head resonance 6.5x13 offers piccolo highs with deep-shell body It wouldn't be surprising if you've never heard of...

Antonio Loureiro Review on Zelkova Snare Drum

Antonio Loureiro

You can't compare Zelkova with anything! Its a complete snare. Completely versatile. I love when you have that beautiful snare wire sound even when you play pianissimo. Its the best snare i will ever have.

Tupac Mantilla Review on Zelkova Snare Drum

Tupac Mantilla

As someone that has emerged from the classical school into the contemporary Jazz, Rock and World percussion/music scene, and after searching for decades, I can say without a doubt that the Canopus Zelkova is the most responsive and versatile snare drum of them all. Its body, warmth and clarity...

Rainer Güntensperger (GÜNTENSPERGER) Review on Zelkova Snare Drum

Rainer Güntensperger (GÜNTENSPERGER)

I have had many of the very best snare drums in the world going through my hands, but your Zelkova is the by far best of them all. A absolute unique blend of sound consisting both, wooden warmth in the deep and the bite of steel in the high. Great and unmatched!

René Marx Review on Zelkova Snare Drum

René Marx

the zelkova is simply stunning! I have a Slingerland 14x6 Radioking SD which is very smooth, sensitive and delicate. The Zelkova has all the attributes of sought-after vintagedrums too but it´s also more powerfulI. And on top it inherits this special japanese tradition of the...

Andrea Valentini Review on Zelkova Snare Drum

Andrea Valentini


Ian Froman(METAL WOOD) Review on Zelkova Snare Drum

Ian Froman(METAL WOOD)

“I like the Zelkova snare drum because it is warm, dark and sensitive. A truly exceptional drum !”

Brian Blade Review on Zelkova Snare Drum

Brian Blade

The ZELKOVA snare drum has a beautiful tone and a clear responsiveness that speaks in all dynamic ranges. It is the perfect instrument for any musical situation.