Charlie Nicholson Review on Red Lock

Charlie Nicholson

The red locks are brilliant. They work perfectly to keep my snare in tune and leave me not worrying about having to tune in the middle a show.

Brad Schlueter / writer, reviewer or product tester

If you’re a heavy hitter, Canopus has an inexpensive new product called Red Lock (CTL-4) that’s designed to work along with Bolt Washers to stop your drum from detuning. Playing rim shots repeatedly can cause your tension screws to gradually loosen, making the drum drop in pitch and eventually...

Matt Starr Review on Red Lock

Matt Starr

I just played Budokan last night & for the first time my snare drum stayed in tune thanks to Red Lock! They are indeed an "Iron Wall".

Pipo Teixeira Review on Red Lock

Pipo Teixeira

I've just opened one package of BT-40 for me with the red locks and used them and I'm really amazed!! What an amazing product!! I always had some problems with the two screws that are on each side of my bassdrum where the pedal attaches. Well, I used the two red lock on each screw and YES, no more...