Ken “K Bo” Biedzynski

Ken “K Bo” Biedzynski

Canopus will not disappoint at any level; they excel in performance, appearance, workability, and overall presentation. » Read More And Watch Video Here

Ken “K Bo” Biedzynski Review on R.F.M.

Ken “K Bo” Biedzynski

"The RFM kit is tough to beat," says K Bo. "The quality and workmanship is clearly top shelf and the sound capabilities are vast," he continued. K Bo also talked about the aesthetics of his RFM kit: "I have to say that it is rare that someone does not comment on the appearance of my kit and that is...

Don Berman Review on R.F.M.

Don Berman

Since my RFM drums arrived I have played them in a number of different situations, and they have delighted me on each occasion. I need drums that deliver great sound at all dynamic levels and these drums do so. I can sincerely say tnat tney are the finest instruments I have ever played. The set...

Dana Fitzsimons Review on R.F.M.

Dana Fitzsimons

The kit has arrived and I am knocked out. They open up with the lightest touch and it makes me want to play softer. They are super light in weight but deliver the best of the tone of the great vintage drums - but brought up to date. The attention to detail is amazing. Fit and finish are perfect;...

Steve Hirsh Review on R.F.M.

Steve Hirsh

My RFM drums are the warmest, most musical drums I've owned, in nearly 50 years of playing. I like to tune my drums high, and the RFM don't lose any of their tone, even at the highest tunings. And the 15" bass drum is about my favorite ever - incredible tone and articulation, and it's easy to haul...

Modern Drummer (USA) / Jun. 2001

Modern Drummer (USA) / Jun. 2001

Canopus Toms And Bass Drums "Designed To Be Different" HITS Thin shells provide good resonance Reinforcement rings provide strength Bearing-edge profiles are matched to drum type to eliminate high-pitched overtones MISSES Floor toms may be too dry for some...

Alphonse Mouzon Review on R.F.M.

Alphonse Mouzon

CANOPUS R.F.M drum kit are the best drums that I’ve ever played thus far! Their strengths are in the design, quality and exceptional sound!! It doesn't matter if I’m playing a “live” concert or recording in the studio, the impeccable steady tone, sound and crispness of CANOPUS DRUMS comes...

Danny Salerno from NY, USA Review on R.F.M.

They are the best sounding and well made drums I have ever played. Love the bitter brown oiled finish.

Roger Turner Review on R.F.M.

Roger Turner

The club kit has all the tonal clarity and authority you could wish for throughout the pitch range, and the drums are made with the attention to detail and shell innovation that makes canopus such a great company.

Mike Rose / Center Staging Review on R.F.M.

Mike Rose / Center Staging

When we opened the boxes of our new Canopus drum kit, I was blown away by the craftsmanship and high quality of the materials. Once we set them up and played them, we were in heaven! The drums sound amazing and are absolutely beautiful and a pleasure to play! We are all in love with these...

Matt Kane Review on R.F.M.

Matt Kane

I have been using my new Canopus Club Kit around New York a lot. I want to share a story with you: One night, I played a brazilian gig and they said to bring a small kit. I brought the Club Kit. They wanted very high volume and high energy samba all night long and there was no bass player. The bass...