Modern Drummer (USA) / Sep. 2005

Modern Drummer (USA) / Sep. 2005

Pheeroan akLaff Review on Birch

Pheeroan akLaff

Birch is my favorite wood for the American Drum-set. It's projection can respond to 20th Century instruments and it's resonance is mellow enough to blend with ancient instruments. The Canopus artisans bring out the most musical resonance in birch I have heard.

Tutty Moreno(Joyce) Review on Birch

Tutty Moreno(Joyce)

When I was very young, I enjoyed listening to the Blue Note jazz albums. The great drummers of the era, my heroes, sounded so wonderful. When I grew up, I always looked for an instrument that would sound as great as theirs. Now, I can finally say that there is an instrument with that great sound,...