Shay Godwin Review on Back Beat Snare Wire

Shay Godwin

I have been using Canopus snare wires exclusively for over a decade. Their evenness and crispresponse have no equal in the industry. Do not underestimate the importance of snare wires on the overall sound of your snare drums!

Brad Schlueter / writer, reviewer or product tester

Usually, if a drummer wants to alter the sound of a drum, he’ll change the heads. That can make a dramatic difference to the way a drum sounds. However, many drummers have favorite heads and resist swapping them for those with a different sound and feel. Upgrading the wires under your drum is...

Special Review from Mike Baird

Special Review from Mike Baird

EVALUATION OF CANOPUS SNARE WIRES SEPT 14 2013 BY MIKE BAIRD Let me start out by saying that from one drum to the next it was very difficult to find what would be a normal wood or metal drum (ply, steam bent, what type of wood etc.) metal brass, steel etc. But I did pick a few drums to get a...