Mark Schulman Review on Back Beat Snare Wire 30

Mark Schulman

If you need a snare tone that allows you to communicate the subtlety of every ghost note and the huge fat back of every back beat, then you best buy yourself a Canopus Back Beat Snare Wire 30 or 42 for your favorite snare drum!

Charlie Nicholson Review on Back Beat Snare Wire 42

Charlie Nicholson

The 42 and 30 back beat snare wires. I had no idea how much of a difference the snare wires really make. The 32 strand made my snare sound like a firecracker that went off 2 ft from your ear. Made an incredible difference. Then I put the 42 strand on. And wow. That thing added a completely new...

Brad Schlueter / writer, reviewer or product tester

Usually, if a drummer wants to alter the sound of a drum, he’ll change the heads. That can make a dramatic difference to the way a drum sounds. However, many drummers have favorite heads and resist swapping them for those with a different sound and feel. Upgrading the wires under your drum is...

Ryan Hoyle Review on Back Beat Snare Wire 30

Ryan Hoyle

After realizing the importance of snare wires in my sound and searching high and low for so many years, I am ecstatic to have finally found my way! The Backbeat 30 snare wires are perfect. I love the reinforced holes so that you won’t break string and these wires sit perfectly in any snare bed...

Steve Stecher (Chief Drumsmith of Doc Sweeney Drums) Review on Vintage Snare Wire

Steve Stecher (Chief Drumsmith of Doc Sweeney Drums)

I recently tested Canopus wires on my custom snare drums. The sound produced by the Vintage Snare and Back Beat Snare Wire 30 was so amazing I decided to start using them on many of my drums.

Not So Modern Drummer

Not So Modern Drummer

I have never been a big user of wider snare wires because most drums do not have a wide enough snare bed to accept them. They can sound incredibly full and rich when used correctly, but if you put a 42 snare strand set of wires on a drum whose bed has a flat spot narrower than the wires, then...

Jason Sutter Review on Back Beat Snare Wire 30

Jason Sutter

Canopus has changed the game again with their new 30 strand snare wire! My new go to snares, as they provide the body and depth of their 40 strand wire with the snap and unrivaled articulation of the 20s...try them and they will be YOUR new go to snares wires!

Curt Bisquera Review on Back Beat Snare Wire 30

Curt Bisquera

It responds with more articulation as well as less sympathetic buzz...from the lightest buzz roll to super thundering back beats, this new 30 Strand Wire will make ALL the difference in your sound and playing. It might be my new favorite!

Albe Bonacci Review on Back Beat Snare Wire 30

Albe Bonacci

The new Canopus 30 strand snare wires help me get the perfect balance of shell vs. wire sound. They bridge the gap between the 20 and 42 strand amazingly. With the fat, sensitive, crisp sound I’ ve come to love, without added snare buzz. Beautiful.

Matt Starr Review on Back Beat Snare Wire 30

Matt Starr

Canopus 30 and 42 strand wires make my snare drum sound fatter, warmer and just plain better. After using them once, I can never use anything else. They are the best wire in the industry