Sharp,Dark Tone with Great Presence

Bubinga 6 or7 ply
Oil / Wrapping / Lacquer

Sharp, Dark Tone with Great Presence

Bubinga wood characteristically creates a dark tone with solid core sound. It is much harder and heavier than Maple or Birch and beacause of these it has been associated with a high, metalic overtone wich some drummers find difficult to deal with. However, by coordinating the number of piles and using our unique edge shaping, CANOPUS has created a pleasant sound with incredible definition.

What is R&D Line?

The drums of Canopus R&D Line have been developed in order to satisfy particular sound concepts created in the course of our ongoing research, and as a result of our commitment to meeting the specific needs of our endorsers.
In our efforts to bring these “sound concepts” to life we use unique materials of outstanding quality. We strive to bring out the unique character of each material.
The result is a series of drums which, though not necessarily “all-round” or absolutely versatile, possess an amazing individuality.
While we regularly sell R&D line drums made to our suggested specifications, we are also able to accommodate customers’ special requests regarding bearing edge shape, hardware and colors.

No. Size (Depth x Diameter)
Bubinga Standard Kit BD:18″x14″
Bubinga Classic Kit BD:22″x18″
Tom Tom * Tom mount is included as a standard equipment.
BUT-0710 10″x7″
BUT-0812 12″x8″
BUT-0913 13″x9″
Floor Tom
BUF-1314 14″x13″
BUF-1516 16″x15″
Bass Drum * Tom holder with base or without base are optional.
(Tom holder, stands are available separately)
BUB-1418 18″x14″
BUB-1620 20″x16″
BUB-1822 22″x18″
BUB-1824 24″x18″

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