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March 27, 2023 NAMM Show

NAMM Show 2023

March 27, 2023 NAMM Show

NAMM Show 2023

“Canopus Vintage Snare Wire adds crispness, sensitivity, articulation and depth to your snare sound. Truly, a sophisticated wire for knowledgeable players!” – Max Klots

Canopus Endorser, Chris Gamper sent us his pic of his new ASH kit!

Canopus endorser, Patrizio Pirrone, will be playing with in charity project Basta Una Canzone in Ukraine. It’s the first time in history, after the nuclear fallout of Chernobyl, that a band from another country decides to do a tour of concerts for Chernobyl!

Our artist Daniel Baeder gives you a feel for the Yaiba Snare Drum! Check it out and see why we are #designedtobedifferent

Here is the pics from Canopus endorser Rich Bloom and his beautiful Type R snare drum collections!!!

The Canopus Speed Star Bearing is an inexpensive way to improve the action of your bass drum pedal. The Speed Star Bearing reduces friction while increasing the smoothness of your pedal’s action. Before bailing on your old, reliable bass drum pedal, breathe new life into it with the Canopus Speed Star Bearing!

Check out some great work on the kit by Canopus artist Ancel Klooster!

We are honored to have some Canopus drums and accessories on the ballot for DRUM! Magazine’s 2018 Drummies! The Type-R Drum kit, Type-R snare drum, & Harvey Mason’s signature side snare drums were all nominated. Thanks to all who voted, we look forward to the results!

Canopus artist Mike Machine uses the Speed Star Bearing on his kick pedals to take them from ordinary to extraordiary. Check it out!

Super-charge your pedal with the Canopus Speed Star Bearing.

We will be making our way to Hollywood for the 18th Annual Hollywood Drum Show on October 13th. Be sure to stop by and visit the Canopus booth and see why we are #designedtobedifferent!