Louis Cato Review on Ash Series

Louis Cato

I tend to like a more ‘old school’ sound from my drums. My idea of the perfect kit is one that combines a punchy attack with a meaty tone, and these drums deliver that consistently.

Tutty Moreno(Joyce) Review on Birch Series

Tutty Moreno(Joyce)

When I was very young, I enjoyed listening to the Blue Note jazz albums. The great drummers of the era, my heroes, sounded so wonderful. When I grew up, I always looked for an instrument that would sound as great as theirs. Now, I can finally say that there is an instrument with that great sound,...

Danny Salerno from NY, USA Review on R.F.M. Series

They are the best sounding and well made drums I have ever played. Love the bitter brown oiled finish.

Roger Turner Review on R.F.M. Series

Roger Turner

The club kit has all the tonal clarity and authority you could wish for throughout the pitch range, and the drums are made with the attention to detail and shell innovation that makes canopus such a great company.

Mike Rose / Center Staging Review on R.F.M. Series

Mike Rose / Center Staging

When we opened the boxes of our new Canopus drum kit, I was blown away by the craftsmanship and high quality of the materials. Once we set them up and played them, we were in heaven! The drums sound amazing and are absolutely beautiful and a pleasure to play! We are all in love with these...

Matt Kane Review on R.F.M. Series

Matt Kane

I have been using my new Canopus Club Kit around New York a lot. I want to share a story with you: One night, I played a brazilian gig and they said to bring a small kit. I brought the Club Kit. They wanted very high volume and high energy samba all night long and there was no bass player. The bass...

Andrew Dickson Review on Neo Vintage NV60-M1

Andrew Dickson

All I can say is that they are amazing! They are definitely the best sounding drums I have ever played. I never thought I would play a better kit than my 50s Gretsch - I was wrong. They are so easy to tune - very sensitive.

Don Wilson(The Ventures) Review on Don Wilson Signature Amp

Don Wilson(The Ventures)

I started playing the guitar in 1958 and have used many different kinds and models of amplifiers in the years since then. I therefore know what I like and what suits my amplifier needs. I have worked with the Canopus Company to make an amplifier to my specifications, and I find the Canopus Don...

Fiona Taylor Review on Don Wilson Signature Amp

Fiona Taylor

About 10 years ago, Canopus worked with my husband, Mel Taylor, to make the wonderful signature model snare drum that he enjoyed playing so much. Mel and Usuda-san then began discussing the possibility of making a really high quality, perfection-oriented amplifier for members of The Ventures. This...