Jotan Afanador (Aventura) Review on Speed Star Bearing

Jotan Afanador (Aventura)

SS-5000 (on DW5000) Smooth Action & Powerful Lighting Speed

Carmine Appice Review on Speed Star Bearing

Carmine Appice

SS-5000 (on DW 5000) It is smooth with good fast action..very cool,

Matt Starr Review on Red Lock

Matt Starr

I just played Budokan last night & for the first time my snare drum stayed in tune thanks to Red Lock! They are indeed an "Iron Wall".

Pipo Teixeira Review on Red Lock

Pipo Teixeira

I've just opened one package of BT-40 for me with the red locks and used them and I'm really amazed!! What an amazing product!! I always had some problems with the two screws that are on each side of my bassdrum where the pedal attaches. Well, I used the two red lock on each screw and YES, no more...

Matt Starr Review on Bolt Tight

Matt Starr

Bolt Tight has opened up my snare drum SO much, it was a big surprise. I can't wait to try them on my toms!

Jess Birch (Steve Maxwell NY) Review on Bolt Tight

Bolt Tight is one of my favorite Canopus products. It adds depth Eliot Zigmund aand tone to my drums. Tuning is smoother and more accurate. Its also a great upgrade for vintage drums.

Eric White (SIR New York) Review on Bolt Tight

Bolt Tight washers are a brilliant addition to any drum. They create an almost hydraulic feel to the tension rods and make tuning the drums a pleasure. Bolt Tight = good stuff.

Uli Frost Review on Bolt Tight

If you like a solution for a great drum tuning, then use Canopus Bolt Tight.

Mick Frangou Review on Speed Star Bearing

Mick Frangou

When I tried out my pedal on my kick drum with the Speed Star bearing I realised the return was significantly faster than with the pedal's original factory fitted bearing, almost too fast. I like a very light spring tension on my pedals and, at first, it was difficult to get the spring light...

Anthony Michelli Review on Speed Star Bearing

Anthony Michelli

I just installed Canopus' Speed Star Bearing on my Sonor Perfect Balance pedal. It makes this already amazing pedal even smoother, faster and effortless to play on. Excellent!

Sean / Boston Drum Center, MA USA Review on YAIBA II Drum Kit

Sean / Boston Drum Center,  MA USA

It looks and sounds great and the price is very reasonable.

Alphonse Mouzon Review on R.F.M. Series

Alphonse Mouzon

CANOPUS R.F.M drum kit are the best drums that I’ve ever played thus far! Their strengths are in the design, quality and exceptional sound!! It doesn't matter if I’m playing a “live” concert or recording in the studio, the impeccable steady tone, sound and crispness of CANOPUS DRUMS comes...

Pheeroan akLaff Review on Birch Series

Pheeroan akLaff

Birch is my favorite wood for the American Drum-set. It's projection can respond to 20th Century instruments and it's resonance is mellow enough to blend with ancient instruments. The Canopus artisans bring out the most musical resonance in birch I have heard.

David Sleishman (Sleishman Drums) Review on Bolt Tight

David Sleishman (Sleishman Drums)

Bolt Tight is a great product. We find it really keeps drums in tune whilst still allowing you to tension any bolt at any time

Paul Jonason Review on Bolt Tight

Paul Jonason

Bolt Tight will improve the ease of tuning and sound of any drum plus eep your tension rods tihts.

Clarence Penn (Makoto Ozone) Review on Bolt Tight

Clarence Penn (Makoto Ozone)

If you want the warmest sound for your snare, you got to get the Canopus Bolt Tight. For the most sensitivity, Bolt Tights are the one.

Carmine Appice Review on Bolt Tight

Carmine Appice

These really do work.. the lugs do not losen up.. the drum stays in tune... they are great!!

Jonathon Peretz Review on Hybrid Cymbal Stand

Jonathon Peretz

Strong but not too heavy. Definitely lighter than stands of equal size and strength. Very easy to adjust and tighten.

Dean Schweiger Review on Flat Base Snare Stand

Dean Schweiger

I have been using all Canopus hardware for years and can not speak highly enough about how well they have served me on my tour. At almost every show I receive high praise, comments, and questions on the Canopus hardware I use in my set up.