“YAIBA” Aluminium Snare Drum

JSA-1450 / JSA-1465

YAIBA Aluminum sound can express drummers' inspiration.

"YAIBA" Aluminium Snare Drum
刃 YAIBA Aluminium Snare Drum JSA-1450刃 YAIBA Aluminium Snare Drum JSA-1465


All Sound Samples
JSA-1450 (14"x5")
JSA-1465 (14"x6.5")
Yaiba Lug
Steel 1.6mm /8
Vintage Snare Wire
Aluminium 1mm

YAIBA Aluminum sound can express drummers’ inspirations.

The Canopus JSA-1450 snare features an aluminum shell of 1mm thickness. It produces a fat, crisp sound – perfect for a variety of diverse musical situations.

The eight Yaiba tension lugs allow the drum to resonate with a full presence – giving a lively, responsive, sound. At the same time, the lugs also control the sound to remove unwanted overtones.

By enhancing and refining the natural characteristics of an aluminum drum, we have created a cohesive sound and made it very easy to control. Tuning is effortless and accurate – drummers can achieve their ideal sound and tension very quickly.

Indeed, this is a snare drum which can fully express drummers’ inspirations.

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