Flat Base Snare Stand


Flat Base Snare Drum Stand

フラットベーススネアスタンド CSS-2F

This is a stand designed to deliver the portability so important to drummers on the go. Just like the Flat Base Cymbal Stand, Canopus designed this hardware for mobility.

Flat Base Snare Stand
CSS-2FWeight: 2.3kg (5.07lb)
H≒400mm~755mm (15.74″~29.72″)
Tube dia. φ22mm/19mm
Stored Length : 460mm (18.11”)
CSSP-LGRubber pad for a leg
CSSP-8WNWing nut for the arm section (8mm)
CSSP-6WNWing nut for a leg (6mm)
CSSP-ANAdjustable dial for an arm angle


Billy Martin
Billy Martin

I am always looking for quality light-weight hardware and Canopus really does it right.

Ian Froman
Ian Froman

The stands are great - so light - but so sturdy